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Bro Attempts to Break the Beer Mile World Record, SUCCEEDS

James Nielsen: NCAA champion; World record holder; Husband; Father; Hero: Canadian.

What It’s Like To Run 135 Miles

I'm sure you won a Presidential Fitness Award or two in your years for running the mile under seven minutes.

Man Successfully Runs a Loop-de-Loop

Blows my mind that this has never been accomplished until now. In a stunt for Pepsi Max, free runner Damien […]

You Will Laugh Your Ass off at These Two 90-Year Old Men Running a Race

Let me tell you, if laughing at this is wrong, I have no desire to be right. None whatsoever.  because this is the funniest thing I've ever

The Girl Runner Who Drew the Giant Penis Using the Nike+ App Did One of a Vagina Too

The runner girl that drew a giant, 100-plus yard dong on a football field using the Nike+ app is back with another work of art.

I Mean, He Has a Good Point, Plus Today’s Fix (22 Pics)

Clever shirt. Well played, sir. 

The UA Spine RPM is UnderArmour’s Coming Out Party in Performance Footwear

Since UnderArmour launched its first shoe in 2006, it has been flying under the radar in the world of performance footwear. While Nike, New Balance,

Saudi Arabian Ostrich on a Mission

Watch this ostrich run through the streets like a mad man...or mad ostrich I guess. He has the determination of a guy running from the

400-Pound Former Sumo Wrestler Kelly Gneiting Finishes L.A. Marathon, Sets World Record

Marathoners in Los Angeles had it tough this past weekend: rain soaked the 26.2-mile race for most of the day. But that wasn't the biggest