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Stadium Security Guard Delivers Vicious Suplex Move To Rugby Streaker, Well Done Sir!


Look, if you want to run onto the pitch at a French rugby game wearing a Superman costume reserved for some kind of odd, superhero bedroom kinkiness, getting dropped like this is exactly what you deserve.


No Rules, Just Right: Vicious Tackle Proves Rugby Is The Happy Medium Between NFL And WWE

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Let me start off by saying this: I know as much about rugby as I do about the British political system.


Rugby Player LITERALLY Runs Through Brick Wall To Get Pro Contract


When we last checked "Rugby Players Are The Toughest MF'ers On The Planet" news, some rugby player had his teeth knocked out and had them replaced with a metal bottle-opener.


Rugby Player Has Bottle Opener Surgically Implanted Where His Teeth Were Knocked Out During A Game—SERIOUSLY


When I first came across this story of a rugby player whose teeth were knocked out during a game, and then had a metal bottle opener surgically implanted to fill the gap of his missing teeth, well, I thought it was completely made up garbage.


Rugby Player Goes BACK INTO THE GAME After Bone Pokes Through The Skin Of His Broken Finger


Today we present Exhibit 12,937 as to why professional rugby players are legitimately batshit insane people.

rugby bros

Ladies, Get At These University Of Michigan Rugby Bros Who Did A Taylor Swift Video


The University of Michigan's rugby team made a video to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," which is apparently a thing.

university of mary washington

This College’s Entire Rugby Team Was Disbanded After Their ‘F*ck A Whore’ Chant Got Uploaded To Soundcloud


We’re getting to the point where no one can EVER say anything offensive without getting in trouble.

rugby powerbomb

Rugby Player Suspended 2 Weeks For Vicious WWE Bodyslam – BONUS: Jim Ross Call


Rugby is an extremely violent sport, but Liam Gill took it too far on this occasion.

athlete perks

All Blacks Rugby Player Reportedly Got A ‘Lap Dance’ From Flight Attendant On Air New Zealand Flight


We knew being a professional athlete got you all sorts of perks us normal schlubs will never see, but according to one report those perks now allegedly include "lap dances" from flight crew members if you fly Air New Zealand.


Watch This Naked Woman Wreck Security And Completely Screw Up A Rugby Championship Game


Do people actually watch rugby for the sport, or do they watch because everyone's taking bets on how far the streakers are gonna make it across the field.

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