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Guy Writes Hilarious ‘Rules of the House’ Letter to New Roommate (Sadly, It’s Probably Fake)

Always knock before entering.

How to Get Your Roommate to Move Out. QUICK.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Retired Frat Bro Needs a Roommate in New York City. Let’s Help Him Out, Bros…

NYC can be a bitch when it comes to finding a normal roommate situation.

Signs You Have A Roommate Problem

Roommates can either be the best thing ever or the worst thing ever. The first time you catch them stealing your […]

Things You Do While Your Roommate’s Gone

When you have roommates, the best moments in the world are the times they're out of the apartment. This video is all too true...

Living With Jigsaw from ‘Saw’ Looks Like it Sucks

Think you have a bad roommate? Take solace in the fact that he or she is PROBABLY not a serial killer. The poor suckers rooming

What’s the Weirdest Thing Your Roommate Has Ever Done?

This aired on Late Night Thursday, but it's worth posting now. Jimmy Fallon started the hashtag "#MyRoommateIsWeird" and received some tremendous submissions. People are weird,

How To Know If Your Roommate Sucks, Freshman Year Edition

So you’re a freshman and you’re just about to start college. Hell to the fucking yeah. We will cheers to that! College is literally the

10 Best Lifehacks for Living Alone

You sad sack of sh*t. 

The 24 Most Passive-Aggressive Roommates Ever

We've all had a roommate from hell who never does anything. Heck, maybe you're the roommate from hell who never does anything. Still... These notes are

Weirdest Roommate Ever Wants You to Wear a Walrus Suit

Do you have a shitty roommate who doesn't do the dishes or clean the bathroom? Psshhh. That's nothing. You have it easy. AT LEAST YOU

10 Tips to Living on a Couch Rent-Free and Not Being Killed by Your Roommate

My parents came to visit two months ago. I was a good lad. I showed them my apartment, did the walk

The Definitive List of Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Roommate, But Can’t

Our bros at CollegeHumor hit the nail on the head here. Sometimes your hatred toward the roomie isn't... good. But dammit, there are issues.

College Kid Goes NUTS Over Roommate Drinking His Cup of Coffee, Sparking Legendary Rant

How incredible is this rant? It starts with "I JUST want to talk to you, you WORTHLESS piece of shit!" and the opening line is,

A Chick Asks: Do Most Bros Choose Classy Girls or Skanks? Plus A Bro Stole a Sex Tape, Now What?

Submit your Ask a Bro questions here. 

Epic Roommate Status Updates During a BF/GF Fight, Plus More Facebook Follies

Hate it when a cup of Ramen noodles causes so much roommate drama... 

The 5 Types of Annoying Roommates Every Bro Has Lived With

F*cking roommates, man. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Well, unless you're well off enough to afford your own place. Or live somewhere

What Sucks More: Having an Awkward Roommate or One Who’s a Dickhead?

By now, you have discovered one of these three things about your roommate:

5 Reasons I Can’t Wait to Live Without a Roommate

Remember when you were, like, two weeks away from moving into your dorm freshman year, and your biggest worry is “will my roommate be a

This Might Be the Most Disgusting Roommate Ever

This roommate is a P-I-G. Ewwwwwwww....

8 Things Your Roommate Did, But Won’t Admit to Doing, This Semester

With the first semester coming to an end, you now have an idea of what type of person your roommate is: He could be funny

How to Deal with a Roommate That Keeps Taking Your Milk, Plus Today’s Fix (20 Pics)


The 10 Types of Roommates You’ll Have in College

Since you live with them, there's a good chance you no longer like them. Here are the dudes who are both your best friends, and

How to Avoid Becoming Roommates With An Annoying Friend, Plus Other Strong to Quite-Strong Advice

Hurricane Sandy has been devastating for me: I have power, cable and plenty of food, but my Internet is out. So yeah, total carnage. Anyway,

Passive Agressive Sticky Notes from the Worst Roommate Ever, Plus Today’s Fix

This person sounds like A BLAST to live with... Via.

How To Troll a Roommate Who Never Changes the Toilet Paper, Plus Today’s Fix (30 Pics)

Well played, sir. Slow clap for you. You win. 

This Girl Roommate Feud On Reddit Is Pretty Entertaining

Ah, roommates. They can either bring out the best or worst in a person. This one falls under the latter. Redditor fairyfoolish uploaded this exchange

The 5 Worst Kinds of College Roommates

With move-in day right around the corner, it's about that time to pack up the family minivan and haul your stuff to school for the

Welcome Week Madness: A Bro Meets the Best-Worst Roommate Ever

We asked for your craziest Welcome Week stories, and you answered in droves. Today’s tale comes from us from No Name. In exchange for his

#Roomies: A Short Sketch Comedy About Adult Roommate Relationships

Roommates: You love 'em or ya hate 'em. Here's a short sketch comedy about the awesome experience of living with your buddy. 

The Top 10 Worst Things About Living With Roommates

Many guys will be moving into college soon and for the first time in their lives, they'll have roommates. We decided it fit to reprint

College: How to Survive a Roommate’s Visit to Your Hometown

It’s summer, which means that it’s time for freshman to tell other freshman about how impossible their pledging was. It also means that there’s a

Don’t Sh*t Where You Eat: Female Roommates—A Cautionary Tale

Editor's Note: This post popped up in the Brommunity recently from a blogger who goes by the name Taylor Ryen. We thought our readers might

The Gentlemen’s Rant: Roommates

This week, The Gentlemen's Rant tackles the subject of roommates. If you're in dire need of a new, creative way to get your

Boston.com Interviewed Possible Ochocinco Roommate Candidates at Last Night’s Patriots Game

That's Tommy B. He's had a few alcoholic drinks but far and away, he is the top candidate. He is also the owner of a