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Normal Guy Metta World Peace Changing His Name to Panda Friend

A perfectly reasonable name.

Watch Tyler Hansbrough Almost Act Tough After Hard Foul Until He Realized Who Fouled Him

I've never seen someone so afraid of World Peace. I have no real feelings about this other than I enjoyed watching it, but our in-house Duke

Metta World Peace Signs 2 Year Deal With The Knicks

The former LA Lakers enforcer is now calling The World's Greatest Arena home for the next 2 years.

Here’s a Supercut of Some of the Most Brutal Fouls, Fights in Recent NBA Memory

Flagrant takes on an entirely new meaning. 

Here’s Metta World Peace Acting in an Upcoming Lifetime Movie

In a performance bound to go down with Shaq O'Neal in "Kazaam" and Darius Miles in "The Perfect Score," NBA'er Metta World Peace will star

Metta World Peace Does the Weather, Continues to be Insane

With what seems to be absolutely no preperation, save maybe a few swigs of Hennessy, the Lakers' Metta World Peace did the weather on CTV

Metta World Peace Knocked Out James Harden With an Intentional Elbow

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. And what says “world peace” more than intentionally elbowing Oklahoma

Watch Highlights from Ron Artest’s Stand-Up Comedy Show at Carolines

There's finally video of Metta World Peace's stand-up comedy routine at Carolines this past Friday. And, like Artest himself, it's pretty funny! When

Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian Peterson, and Ron Artest are ‘Lockout Professionals’

To no one's surprise, the lockouts were easy targets for Seth Meyers and company at the ESPY's last night. Alas, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Adrian

PSA: Ron Artest Changing Name to ‘Metta World Peace’

Come on now. Don't tell me you're surprised...

Ron Artest Drops ‘Ballin’  Rap Mix Tape

It's no secret that Ron Artest's passion off the court is rap music. Who could forget his appearence in Mike Jones' "Get Low" music video

15 Examples of Ron Artest Going Crazy on Twitter

Last night questionably sane Lakers forward Ron Artest went off on a wacky, ridiculous Twitter rant. Marc Gasol must have really rattled his skull after