fury 325

First Look At The 95-MPH Roller Coaster With A Vomit-Inducing First Drop (POV Footage)


The 'Fury 325' just completed its maiden voyage, and the new roller coaster expected to hit speeds of up to 95-MPH might have the sickest first drop in roller coaster history.

thrill rides

The Ultimate Roller Coaster In England Has Added Decapitating Deers To Its Thrill Ride


The patrons of the Lightwater Valley theme park in England probably didn't think that they'd be seeing a deer get decapitated when they stepped on The Ultimate roller coaster the other day, but unfortunately that's exactly what they got.

Theme Park Deaths

The deadliest amusement park rides


Despite amusement park rides being statistically very safe, tragic accidents do happen.

Roller coasters

How to launch jets of the future? With a roller coaster


Currently, most jets on aircraft carriers and the like have a propulsion system powered by steam, which is kind of awesome in and of itself.

wild roller coasters

The 10 wildest roller coasters on Earth


Speed, death-defying drops and a good amount of time spent hanging upside down are the rewards enthusiasts can expect from these wildest roller coasters on the planet.

wooden roller coaster

1/48th scale wooden roller coaster actually works


Roller coaster fanatics will tell you that the wooden roller coasters are the best kinds of roller coasters.

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