roller coaster

NFL Badass James Harrison Looks Terrified Riding a Roller Coaster


This is a vastly different reaction to roller coaster ride at an amusement park than the Rock had, but are we to really believe that James Harrison is this afraid of roller coasters.

Video games

A ‘Beetlejuice’ tribute using a roller coaster built in ‘Minecraft’


Every other Minecraft modder should just call it a day, because "Nuropsych1" has most definitely won this round with his Beetlejuice tribute.

roller coaster disasters

The 10 worst roller coaster disasters of all time


When we go to an amusement park, we’re expecting to be scared while not in any real danger.

wooden roller coaster

1/48th scale wooden roller coaster actually works


Roller coaster fanatics will tell you that the wooden roller coasters are the best kinds of roller coasters.

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