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Man in Alabama Pajamas Arrested on Drug Charges, Offers ‘Roll Tide’ As Defense

Alabama played host to a big drug bust early yesterday morning, and a local news team was ON THE SCENE. […]

Dear Alabama Students: Do Not Yell “Roll Tide” in the Library

People are trying to study.

ROLL TIDE: Photo of a Baby Wearing an Alabama Onesie Holding a Hand Gun is Going Viral

According to Clay Travis from Out Kick the Coverage, these photos of an infant holding a hand gun, while surrounded by six rifles and a pink

You Can’t Yell ‘Roll Tide’ at Synagogues in Alabama

Today in Alabama Problems:

Miss Alabama Has a Pretty Crimson Tide Dress

The official religion of Alabama is college football. So, yeah, it’s not surprising that Miss Alabama’s dress for the Miss America pageant has a giant

Rate this Alabama Fan’s T-Shirt That Trolls Just About Everyone

I guess the shirt is as funny as a shirt can be, but I don't know how I feel about this guy having zero respect