roger goodell

6 Times Roger Goodell Looked Like He Was Holding In A Queef


Sometimes even a man as strong a Roger Goodell might quuef.

new england patriots

Roger Goodell Hung Out At New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft’s House Night Before AFC Championship Game


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft have often been accused of having too chummy of a relationship.

taylor swift

What Do Taylor Swift, Ferguson Protesters, Ebola Doctors, And Roger Goodell Have In Common?

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If you handed me a piece of paper with Roger Goodell, Ebola Doctors, and Ferguson Protestors each written on it, and asked me to tell you the unifying theme, well I'd be be at a loss.


You’ll Never Guess Who’s Got Bill Simmons Back Against ESPN — Stop, You Won’t Guess It


Bill Simmons basically begged ESPN to suspend him for his comments about the Dark Sith, Roger Goodell, on his podcast The BS Report.

south park

‘South Park’ Made Fun Of Roger Goodell By Making Him A Robot, Jerry Jones For Getting BJs


As I said, last night's season premiere of South Park was 100000% spot on.


ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons For Three Weeks For His REAL TALK About Firing Roger Goodell


Important update to my post yesterday about Bill Simmons putting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on blast on his podcast.

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