Woman Obliterates Man and Breaks Chair With a Vicious Form Tackle After He Cheated in Musical Chairs


I love the guy's assumption that this game of musical chairs -- taking place at what looks to be a rodeo -- was being played under prison rules.

White trash

Wife Bites Her Husband’s Genitals After He Makes Her Leave the Rodeo Early


To gage just how white trash this is let me drop Anthony Hill's final quote after he confesses he was OUT OF LINE (yeah, he was in the wrong) for having called the cops after his wife, Christina Salinas, attacked him with a knife and bit his nutbag in an argument over leaving the rodeo early: "I've assaulted her before in arguments.


Animal Activist Storms Rodeo Ring, Gets Roped Up and Dragged by Bull


The Chileans really know how to throw a f*cking party.

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