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Carlos Santana Reunites with His Former Drummer, a Homeless Man Living on the Streets of Oakland

What a great story. Marcus Malone is a former drummer in the Carlos Santana blues band. He's lived homeless on the not-so-kind streets of Oakland for

Listen to Arcade Fire’s New Album ‘Reflektor’ a Week Early

It's way too early to give a meaningful review to the new Arcade Fire album Reflektor, which just started streaming an hour ago, but here

Strokes’ Guitarist Albert Hammond Says He Used to Shoot Heroin ‘20 Times a Day’

Fun fact: It wasn't just the old rock gods—your Jim Morrison, your Jimmy Page, your Keith Richards—who could party at death-defying, frighteningly high levels. Albert

Writer Claims Millennials Hate Bruce Springsteen Because It’s ‘Dad Rock’; I Think She’s Full of Sh*t

Back when I used to own a car, I had Sirius radio and would cruise around listening to Bruce Springsteen's "E Street Radio." It was

Listen to the First Fall Out Boy Album in Five Years, ‘Save Rock and Roll’

This was an unexpected surprise: Fall Out Boy's first album since 2008, Save Rock and Roll, was made available for stream on the band's website

Watch Dropkick Murphys’ Singer Beat Up a Nazi-Saluting Audience Member

Skills held by the Dropkick Murphys: Writing songs that kill when played at Fenway Park ("Tessie," "I'm Shipping Up to Boston"). Bringing the bagpipe back

Bruce Springsteen Joined the Rolling Stones for an Awesome Performance During Farewell (?) Tour

The Rolling Stones were a bit before my time, and, I suspect, the same applies to many of you out there. But you'd have to

Andrew W.K., American Hero and Party Hard-er, to Be Sent to Bahrain as U.S. Cultural Ambassador

In 2001, Andrew W.K. released his first LP, "I Get Wet." Recorded with many layers of overdubbing—a technique W.K. said was used in order to

Here’s Axl Rose’s First Live TV Interview in 20 Years

Axl Rose, former cornrow aficionado and current head of some bastardied version of Guns 'n Roses, gave an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night.

Boise Weekly Writer Absolutely Destroys Nickelback

To be fair, everything Josh Gross of Boise Weekly is saying is 100% accurate. I'd attend a parade of screeching bagpipes covering Lana Del Ray songs than

RIP Levon Helm

Sad day for fans of great music. Levon Helm, the legendary drummer/vocalist of The Band, passed away at 71. Pour a beer, blast

Top 10 Most Hated Lead Singers In Rock

Lead singers in rock bands are much like wide receivers in football: they're egotistical prima donnas. For a great frontman of a band, there's