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WEAK – This Engineer Claims Robots Are Gonna Kill Us All Out Of Kindness

Eh, whatever.

We Are 11 Years Away From Being Able to Have Sex With Robots

This is a fact.

Someone Edited Every Robot-On-Robot Action Sequence From The ‘Transformers’ Trilogy Into 20 Minutes Of Robot Carnage

Not like you're missing out on any plot.

Robot Blow Job Machines Are Now Available For Pre-Order

Because your Mom's hand is getting tired.

President Obama Played Soccer With a Humanoid Robot, Watched It Dance

He, Robot.

This Hilariously Bad-At-Its-Job Robotic Ketchup Machine Is My Everything Right Now


This Robot Dog Is the Most Amazing and Horrifying Thing You’ll See Today


Amazing Robot Gymnast Lands Quadruple Backflip

This video raises an important question. Would you watch a robot-only Olympics or would you WATCH EVERY SECOND of a robot-only Olympics? Might be a

An Amusing Parody of HBO’s ‘Girls,’ Starring a Robot as Lena Dunham

Yesterday, Diablo Cody called Lena Dunham "our new Woody Allen." Let that sink in for a few moments. To mock the show about neopotistic Brooklyn

The Future Is Now: Check Out This Crazy Robot Bartender

Hey bartenders: Here's a machine that's going to put your profession out of business. Best of all, thirsty imbibers don't have to tip it. Meet

For Some Reason, Japanese Create Flying Gun-Carrying Robot

At first blush, a gun-toting robot that can fly is an awesome idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see that? But then you realize

Skippy the Stone-Throwing Robot Will Make You Fear the Inevitable Rise of the Machines

Another day, another robot completing a uniquely-human task: Skipping stones on a quite, pastoral pond. Skippy of Sun Valley, Idaho is an ace at it.

We’ve Created a Robot that Never Loses at Rock, Paper, Scissors

When I was young, my mother read me the story of John Henry taking on the steam-powered hammer. Nothing made me happier than when Henry

Would You Have Sex With a Robot?

I didn’t even have to think about it. The answer is yes. And it’s an issue that we’re going to have to resolve internally sooner

Watch That Amazing Dubstep Robot Dancer Move Like a FREAK On the Great Wall of China

Remember this guy, our old dubstep robot dancer friend who goes by the name "NonStop"? He's back, baby! And this time he's blowing