google most searched

Jennifer Lawrence, Robin Williams Top Google’s Lists Of Top Searches For 2014


Unlike Yahoo's list of most searched celebrities which had Jennifer Lawrence as their third most searched celebrity, Google's list of most searched celebrities in 2014 has J-Law right where we pretty much figured she would be: number one.

Robin Williams

This Time Lapse Of A Girl Drawing A Photo-Realistic Portrait Of Robin Williams Will Blow Your Mind


I was only planning on watching this for 30 seconds but it's impossible to stop once she starts shading everything in.

Robin Williams tribute video

David Letterman’s emotional 10 minute tribute to Robin Williams was beautiful


David Letterman, who has known Robin Williams for for 38 years, paid special tribute to his friend with a heart-wrenching 10 minute segment and video on The Late Show last night.

Rush Limbaugh

Lewis Black has amazing response to Rush Limbaugh’s comments on Robin Williams’ suicide


Earlier this week, Rush Limbaugh spewed some ignorant crap in the wake of Robin Williams suicide.

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