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Watch Thieves Attempt To Rob A Convenience Store Only To Get The Shit Kicked Out Of Them By The Semi-Pro MMA Fighter

Unluckiest thieves ever.

Camera Catches Woman Punched Out in Vicious Boost Mobile Store Robbery


Hot TV Reporter Gets Robbed During Live Report About Robbery

Irony at its finest.

NYC Bro Bags Two Smoking Hot Chicks He Met At A Club And Has Life-Changing Threesome… JK They Drugged and Robbed Him

Is truly nothing sacred anymore?

Drunk Teenager Wielding a Chainsaw and Wearing a Flower Pot on His Head Tried to Rob a 7-Eleven

  Queensland, Australia’s Steven Frank Steele’s methods of executing a robbery are unorthodox, and wildly ineffective. According to The Queensland Times […]

Burglar Scared Away By Big Mouth Billy Bass

An attempted robbery at a bait and tackle shop in Minnesota was called off, mid-heist, when the robber was too […]

Brooklyn Now Has a Twerking Thief, Because Life Imitates Art, Or Something

I have literally no idea what to say about this. 

Redskins Beer Vendors Tased, Robbed, Locked in Freezer at Monday Night’s Game

Well, you've got to give petty crooks one thing: They never seem to run out of ideas for stupid crimes. 

This Robbery Attempt in Brazil Didn’t Go As Planned

Criminal enterprise presents a double-edged sword. Like, if you’re good at crime, that’s not really something to take a lot of pride in. And if

Man Tries to Rob Bus Driver With Knife, Instead Gets Piss Beat Out of Him By Passenger

He brought fists to a knife fight...and won. You don't see that shit everyday. I like to end this video by imagining the failed criminal

Watch a CRAZY Video of 2 Chainz Getting Robbed at Gunpoint in San Francisco

This is actually some pretty f*cked up stuff... 

This Is What Happens When You Pull Out a Shotgun and Try to Rob the Wrong Guy

I hope, in my heart of hearts, that the guy who was about to be robbed, in turn, robbed the robber. If I were him

Chris Bosh Had $340K Worth of Jewelry Stolen from His House

Robbing Chris Bosh? That’s just mean.

Woman Steals Nearly $500,000 in Jewelry from Shaun Rogers After Hanging Out in His Hotel Room

Being a professional athlete is hard. For instance, you can’t even bring a random chick home without worrying about her taking off with all your

Watch this Dude Thwart a Robbery By Chucking Beer Like an Animal

The best advice when someone is robbing you is not to be a hero. Let the person leave with the cash and keep your pretty

‘Beer Pong Bandits’ Sink Cups in Between Breaking into House, Stealing Cars

If you're gonna break into a house and steal two cars, you may as well celebrate your degeneration with a mid-crime game of pong:

Here’s an Extremely Large-Breasted Woman Robbing a Gas Station

This is one case that wouldn’t suck catching. Talk about a righteous bust.