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Drunk Teenager Wielding a Chainsaw and Wearing a Flower Pot on His Head Tried to Rob a 7-Eleven

  Queensland, Australia’s Steven Frank Steele’s methods of executing a robbery are unorthodox, and wildly ineffective. According to The Queensland Times [...]

Burglar Scared Away By Big Mouth Billy Bass

An attempted robbery at a bait and tackle shop in Minnesota was called off, mid-heist, when the robber was too [...]

Brooklyn Now Has a Twerking Thief, Because Life Imitates Art, Or Something

I have literally no idea what to say about this. 

Redskins Beer Vendors Tased, Robbed, Locked in Freezer at Monday Night’s Game

Well, you've got to give petty crooks one thing: They never seem to run out of ideas for stupid crimes. 

This Robbery Attempt in Brazil Didn’t Go As Planned

Criminal enterprise presents a double-edged sword. Like, if you’re good at crime, that’s not really something to take a lot of pride in. And if

Man Tries to Rob Bus Driver With Knife, Instead Gets Piss Beat Out of Him By Passenger

He brought fists to a knife fight...and won. You don't see that shit everyday. I like to end this video by imagining the failed criminal

Watch a CRAZY Video of 2 Chainz Getting Robbed at Gunpoint in San Francisco

This is actually some pretty f*cked up stuff... 

This Is What Happens When You Pull Out a Shotgun and Try to Rob the Wrong Guy

I hope, in my heart of hearts, that the guy who was about to be robbed, in turn, robbed the robber. If I were him

Chris Bosh Had $340K Worth of Jewelry Stolen from His House

Robbing Chris Bosh? That’s just mean.

Woman Steals Nearly $500,000 in Jewelry from Shaun Rogers After Hanging Out in His Hotel Room

Being a professional athlete is hard. For instance, you can’t even bring a random chick home without worrying about her taking off with all your

Watch this Dude Thwart a Robbery By Chucking Beer Like an Animal

The best advice when someone is robbing you is not to be a hero. Let the person leave with the cash and keep your pretty

‘Beer Pong Bandits’ Sink Cups in Between Breaking into House, Stealing Cars

If you're gonna break into a house and steal two cars, you may as well celebrate your degeneration with a mid-crime game of pong:

Here’s an Extremely Large-Breasted Woman Robbing a Gas Station

This is one case that wouldn’t suck catching. Talk about a righteous bust.