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Woman Fights Off Mugger Then Hands Him Back His Flip Flop As He Flees

Flip flops are just terrible mugging attire.

Watch this Dude Thwart a Robbery By Chucking Beer Like an Animal

The best advice when someone is robbing you is not to be a hero. Let the person leave with the cash and keep your pretty

MUST WATCH: Man At Internet Cafe Shoots Two Robbers

Thinking about robbing an internet cafe? Think again. 

Store Clerk Knocks-Out Gunman with a Left Hook of Justice (w/Video)

Holy horse crap, Derek Mothershead (an employee at a “We Buy Gold”) has got a pair of bricks for balls. He was recently caught on

Epic Jewelry Store Robbery Fail, as Owner Fights Off Two Bandits

Jewel thieves in Europe: you better steer clear of this guy's shop. Even if there's two of you and one of you has a gun