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Deadmau5 and Rob Ford Get Coffee Together

These two are a match made in heaven. Deadmau5 has a pretty awesome way of explaining the video, too:

Rob Ford, Aka Toronto’s Favorite Mayor, Is Now Beating The Shit Out Of The People He’s In Rehab With

And he didn't even say "sorry," as is Canadian law.

Shirtless Jogger Takes Break From Run to Get In a Heated Confrontation with Rob Ford


‘Rehab is Amazing,’ ‘Like Football Camp,’ Says Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

After a new tape surfaced showing Rob Ford once again smoking crack, Ford recently sought help for his drug and alcohol demons.

Justin Bieber to Rob Ford: ‘Did You Bring Any Crack to Smoke?’

Justin with the zinger.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Sat in the Nosebleed Section, Wiped His Nose

Ford gonna Ford.

Rob Ford Held an Owl, Made an Awesome Face

Tender moment.

Rob Ford DESTROYS a Youth Soccer Goalie, Because Rob Ford Is a Glorious Dick

"You think you're tough, kid? You don't have shit on this in the box. GET ON MY LEVEL." - Rob Ford.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Arrival at City Hall Today Got Real Weird

All in a day's work.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

After months of ridicule from late-night talk show hosts, Toronto mayor Rob Ford finally subjected himself to being a guest […]

Rap Game Rob Ford Made a Dope Beat This Weekend

And it begs the question: Is he the new Kanye? This weekend, Toronto mayor and noted lover of the game […]

Rob Ford Celebrated the Canadian Women’s Hockey Gold Medal With Typical Restraint

The Canadians’ amazing gold medal victory over the United States in women’s hockey has everyone north of the border pounding […]

Rob Ford Speaking in a Jamaican Accent is the Only Video You Need to See Today

Can Rob Ford be the mayor of America? It'll be a new position. We won't give him any power or obligations or anything, but goddammit,

Rob Ford Dancing to Bob Marley? Rob Ford Dancing to Bob Marley

Rob Ford is a national treasure. Sure, he might often be drunk (or high), and, yes, Torontonians might not consider him to be "competent" at

Will Ferrell Talked to Letterman About The Time He Met Toronto’s Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford

The two things that took the Internet by the balls a few months ago -- Anchorman 2 and Rob Ford -- and are now exhausting to

Watch Rob Ford Dance At Church Like a Beautiful Soul

Rob Ford, Toronto's crack-smoking, cunnilingus-loving mayor, spent Sunday afternoon with the West Toronto Church of God choir. He danced like no one was watching. And it's unclear if he

Rob Ford Gave a 23-Minute Radio Interview Today and It Was Good Freakin’ Radio

Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford joined Washington D.C. radio show The Sports Junkies this morning for a 23-minute interview. You see, things are going swimmingly

Get Ready for the Rob Ford Sex Tape Parody Video

It was only a matter of time until crack-smokin' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford got the sex tape parody treatment. 

Crack is Back! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Rob Ford has made crack cool again. 

Rob Ford Bowls Over Councillor Pam McConnell During Meeting, Is Somehow a Real Person

Rob Fucking Ford, you guys. The gift that keeps on giving. 

Jon Stewart Hilariously Ripped the Glorious Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford

At this point, you don't really need to make jokes about Toronto mayor Rob Ford. The newscasts do the job well enough. Yesterday, Ford wore

Here’s the Rob Ford and Chris Farley Video Mash Up The World Needed

The comparisons have been made on Twitter ad nauseam. Everyone wants Chris Farley to be alive so he could impersonate Rob Ford. Well, sadly, that isn't

Rob Ford Denies Telling Staffer He’d ‘Eat Her Pussy’ In Utterly Incredible Press Conference

Twenty-four hours ago, Toronto's City Council forced mayor Rob Ford into "a public intervention." Ford was asked if he had purchased drugs in the past two

The New Rob Ford Tape is Pretty Heavy on Murder Threats

Rob Ford, ladies and gentleman. Rob Ford.

The Taiwanese Animation of Rob Ford Has Beavers Smoking Crack and a VHS Tape Up Rob Ford’s Butt

And that's just in the first five seconds. 

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford Allegedly Smoked Crack on Video, Has a Long History of Lunacy

"Remember what the Bible says: He who is without sin, cast the first rock. And I shall smoketh it." — Rob Ford.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Walks Face-First Into TV Camera, Drops F-Bomb

"HOLY FACE!" Is that what that guy yelled when Toronto Mayor, and human bowling ball, Rob Ford walked face first into that camera? Me thinks

Here’s Toronto Mayor Rob Ford With an Epic Football Fail

This is Toronto mayor Rob Ford falling on his ass while attempting to throw a pass yesterday. He was out doing some public relations for