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Senior Citizens Read Rob Delaney’s Tweets on ‘Kimmel’ Last Night

Lloyd Christmas was right...Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose. That purpose is to read Rob Delaney's tweets,

Nick Kroll Tells a Story About Totally Bombing in Front of Bill Murray During His Early Standup Days

You may know Nick Kroll from his great depiction as everyone's favorite wolfpack asshole on The League, or from his recently launched and very successful

Is Comedian Rob Delaney Trying to Keep the Video of Him Bombing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Off the Web?

On February 19, Twitter comedian Rob Delaney performed on "Jimmy Kimmel LIve." He, for lack of a better word, bombed. The next morning, we posted

Rob Delaney Recites Real MLB Scouting Report, Which Reads Like Baseball Erotica

If you've read or seen "Moneyball" you probably recognize some of the words used to describe MLB draft prospects. Now, I imagine the life of