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Can You Guess the Twist Ending of This Russian Road Rage Fight?

J. Walter Weatherman: And that's why you don't succumb to road rage.

Road Rager Gets His Ass Handed to Him By Fed Up Driver

Road rage isn't for everyone.

Watch a Douchebag Have the Most Insane Road Rage Meltdown Ever

Holy crap. This video of an absolutely insane road rage meltdown is the stuff nightmares are made of. Apparently this video dates back to April

Woman Rams Taxi Repeatedly in Textbook Definition of Road Rage

Women are as skilled at driving as men so there’s really no comment to make here.

‘Look What You Did to My F*ckin Car!’ U.S. Marine Has Road Rage As Patient Man Sits and Listens

Thank god terrorists don't hide behind thin sheets of glass, am I right? 

Angry Driver Gets Beautiful, Piss-Filled Revenge on a Convertible That Stole His Parking Spot

It should be written into law that if you cut someone off in your lame-ass convertible, that person is required, by law, to stand in

Russian Motorist Breaks Out His Bat to Destroy Everything in His Way

I've to hand it to the Russians, they make a hell of a dressing and they sure as sh*t know how to throw a road

Road Rage Turns Violent and Then Ends in a Handshake

Not for nothing, but if anyone punches me out of non-sport rage I'm not shaking their f*cking hand seconds after we stopped fighting.