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I’m In Love with This UCLA Chick Who Gives Zero Fucks

This UCLA girl is grade-A wifey material.After UCLA beat cross-town rival USC, 35-14, this UCLA gal climbed the Tommy Trojan statue to give a bunch of USC

The U.S. Naval Academy Just Kicked Air Force’s Ass In the Academy Spirt Video War

Sorry, Air Force... Your little Daft Punk-themed academy spirt hype video just got DESTROYED by your rivals in Annapolis. This video by the midshipmen at the

U.S. Air Force Academy Cadets Made a ‘Sink Navy’ Hype Video

Bros... BROS... This weekend the U.S. Air Force Academy football team is scheduled to play the Navy football team. Except one problem: The federal government is

Young Ohio State Bro Names Cancer ‘Michigan,’ Beats It

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry tends to bring out the worst in people, but in this specific instance, it brought about some good.

Michigan Footballs Are Made in the U.S.A., Not Ohio

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is intense. So intense, in fact, that neither school misses an opportunity to petulantly stick a finger into their hated rival’s

UCLA Students Send a Message to USC (Written in Dorm Lights) Prior to This Saturday’s Showdown

This Saturday, the UCLA Bruins welcome the USC Trojans into their house in what will prove to be a clash for the ages (or something

Missouri Representative Loses His Mind Over Kansas Jayhawk-Themed License Plates

It’s high time the Missouri state legislature addressed truly important issues, like the dastardly attempt by the Kansas University Alumni Association to make Jayhawk-themed license