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Drunk University of Minnesota Bros Took a Break From Rioting to Annoy This Reporter

Poor guy. Never stood a chance.

Open Letter to the People Who Ruined Iowa State’s VEISHEA

Good job to the people that rioted Tuesday night.

UConn Rioted in a Supremely Ratchet Way After National Championship Win

Bashed-in cars, broken glass, and fires in the streets.

UC Santa Babarba’s Ratchet Deltopia Block Party Turned Into a Riot With 15,000 People

It got wild

Video: A Police Officer Drops an Unsuspecting Girl With a Punch at the UA Riot

There was a lot of excessive police force at the University of Arizona this weekend.

Tyler, The Creator Started a Riot at SXSW, Got Arrested

Yea... that's pretty illegal.

The Most Ratchet College Riot Ever Broke Out at SUNY Cortland This Weekend During Cortaca

Woah. What happened at SUNY Cortland this weekend during the school's annual Cortaca rivalry against Ithaca certainly tops the The Great I'm Shmacked Riot of 2013

The Most Rachet College Riot Ever Broke Out at SUNY Cortland This Weekend During Cortaca—Part II

Previously.... The Most Rachet College Riot Ever Broke Out at SUNY Cortland This Weekend During Cortaca.

Western Washington University Riot Includes Beer Bottles Thrown a Police, Twerking on Cop Cars

Bellingham, Washington -- home of the Western Washington Vikings -- is the scene of the latest college town riot after a Saturday block party went horribly array.

I’m Shmacked Went to University of Delaware, A Car-Burning Riot Ensued (UPDATE)

Here's what we know: I'm Shmacked was at the University of Delaware last night recording their next video. The coeds at UDel got all excited

Scenes from a Bro-Riot After the U.S. Open of Surfing

I love surfing as much as the next guy, but if this is what the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach is all about,

Newcastle Fans Riot After Loss; Watch One of Them Punch a Police Horse

Newcastle supporters did not take their team’s 3-0 loss yesterday to rival Sunderland well. Instead, they rioted and punched horses. Easy, guys. Easy.

A Tradition Unlike Any Other: People Riot Outside Mall for Air Jordans

There is no tradition more American than rioting over sneakers.

Here Is a ‘Black Friday Trampling Mobs Compilation for Your Viewing Pleasure

Tis the season. 

For Some Reason James Madison University Students ‘Rioted’ Because Classes Were Cancelled

What's the logical college response to a school canceling class due to Hurricane Sandy? Throwing a Hurricane Party, of course. But "rioting" like the Duke

Here’s a Goosebump-Inducing Video of Kentucky Students Celebrating Their National Title

Chills. Of all the reasons to love sports, getting to experience the feeling these students exude is possibly the best.

Kent State’s Annual ‘College Fest’ Ends In Riots and Tear Gas

Come on, Kent State. If there's ANY college in the world that should know better than to piss off police officers, it's you guys. Saturday's

After the Patriots Lost the Super Bowl UMass Rioted

The streets of New York were a human zoo last night so I can only imagine the violence that ensued in Boston after

Egyptian Soccer Riot Leaves At Least 73 Dead, Hundreds Injured

Riots broke out after a soccer match in Egypt today, leaving at least 73 people dead and hundreds more injured. After Al-Ahly beat

Here’s a Running Gallery of Pics and Video From the Riots at Penn State After Paterno’s Firing

After Joe Paterno was fired as the head coach at Penn State last night via a phone call, students rioted. A news truck was

Five Must-Watch Videos of Vancouver Canucks Fans Rioting After Losing to Boston in the Stanley Cup

So... If you turned off your TV and went to sleep last night after Bruins captain Zdeno Chara hoisted the Cup, you missed, like, 30%