FMK: Beyonce, Rihanna, Lea Michele


In tonight's very important edition of Fuck, Marry, Kill, we have Beyonce, Rihanna and Lea Michele.

Rihanna yells at fan

Why do I keep laughing at this video of Rihanna snapping at a fan?


There's really nothing funny about this video of Rihanna going off on a fan for asking for a photo, but jeezus I can't stop laughing at it.

World Cup 2014

Rihanna flashed her bra, celebrated World Cup win with a threesome


I'm not sure I get the connection between Rihanna and Germany, but whatever the reason is it's a good one if she's going to flash her bra when her team does well.

the fortress

Rihanna’s New $7 Million Mansion Is Called ‘The Fortress,’ Is Real Estate Porn at Its Finest


After several bouts with stalkers, Rihanna has put her $15 million dollar house on the market and decided to rent this more secure, concrete monstrosity dubbed "The Fortress.

Spike TV 2014 Guys Choice Awards

Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards brought out a lot of sexy women


Spike TV's 2014 Guys Choice Awards was filmed over the weekend and pictures of the many hot ladies in attendance have already been released.