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Germany Celebrated Winning the World Cup by Hanging With Rihanna

Goals and cleats excite her.

Rihanna Gave a Nerdy Guy a Lap Dance and It Took All Of His Might To Not Touch Her Ass

What a champ.

Rihanna’s New $7 Million Mansion Is Called ‘The Fortress,’ Is Real Estate Porn at Its Finest

After several bouts with stalkers, Rihanna has put her $15 million dollar house on the market and decided to rent […]

Here’s a Video of Rihanna Twerking In Her See-Through Dress After the CFDA Awards

Everyone on the Internet has an opinion about the see-through dress Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards last night.

Rihanna and Jeff Van Gundy Could be the Next Big Power Couple

Make it happen.

Is Rihanna’s Pink Hair Doing Anything for You?

Think pink.

Rihanna Tried to Take a Selfie With a Fan and Broke Their Phone

The phone is now up for auction.

Time-Traveling Carmelo Anthony Caught Staring at Rihanna

Always looking to pass.

Rihanna Posts Some Ratchet Dating/Sex Advice for the Ladies on Instagram

Bad gal RiRi's Instagram continues to be the most entertaining thing on the Internet...

Talk is Cheap in This Week’s Hottie Index

All the hotties, all the time.

What’s That? Rihanna Topless Again? You Don’t Say!

Rihanna posted her boobs on Instagram earlier today.

Bad Girl Rihanna Just Posted a Very NSFW Pic on Instagram

It's something we can't even show here at BroBible, a site that straddles a soft-R rating.

Rihanna’s Boobs Won the Brooklyn Nets Game

Let's just say that Rihanna’s courtside seats were, um, a little distracting to what was happening on the hardwood. No pun intended.

Desean Jackson and The Game Tried to Pick Up Rihanna Outside a Club

I think for a threesome.

This GIF of Rihanna’s Boobs at the MTV Movie Awards Is Everything

Oh, haaaaaiiiii.... BadGalRiri at it again, this time on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards.

Want to See Rihanna Face Down, Ass Up with Thong Tan Lines?

Why would you ever say "no" to that question? Bad gal RiRi is at it again...

Rihanna and Shakira’s New Music Video is the Hottest Thing I’ve Seen in Quite Some Time

Rihanna and Shakira star in the video for the impossibly titled "Can't Remember to Forget You," and the Internet is BUZZIN'. This is the first song we've

Things Come in All Shapes and Sizes in This Week’s Hottie Index

The Grammy’s happened last night. Daft Punk seemed to win everything. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis seemed to win everything Daft Punk didn’t win. Beyonce shook

Charlamagne Has an Incredible Story About Partying with Rihanna

This story is absolutely hilarious. Charlamagne proclaims that "Rihanna is the realest since Tupac" and I 100% believe him. You have no idea how badly I want

Rihanna Goes Topless in Hot Brazil Photoshoot

Rihanna is in Brazil, and Rihanna is topless in Brazil, and when Rihanna is topless in a foreign country you can be rest assured Instagram

6 WAGS Everyone Searched for in 2013

The only thing that should surprise you about Tim Tebow being labeled as the “Most Searched Athlete of 2013” by Bing is that people actually

How Try-Hard Does Rihanna Look Drinking Vodka Out of a Stiletto at a Club?

File this under "Shit Miley Cyrus Would Do And Is Therefore Fucking Stupid." Rihanna still has a place in my dick's heart -- she's a babe with just the

Rihanna’s Blowing Up Instagram with All Sorts of Hot Bikini Selfies

Rihanna loves posting bikini selfies on Instagram more than Bros love sexting dick pics on Snapchat. 

Here Are the Photos That Got Rihanna Kicked Out of a Mosque

Who would conduct a photo shoot at a mosque in one of the most restrictive countries in the world? If you guessed, RIHANNA, congrats! You've

Rihanna’s New Video for ‘Pour It Up’ Is Pretty, Pretty Risqué

A year after "Pour It Up" was released, Rihanna finally released its utterly ridiculous, borderline NSFW video today. And... Uh, where does Rihanna go from here?

8 Hot New Rihanna Instagrams, Featuring a Denim Thong (?!)

Fresh off using the powers of her Instagram account to imprison two Twainese nationals (sort of), Rihanna shared some pictures from an upcoming music video,

Rihanna Says She Hasn’t Had Sex in ‘Ages’

Even the wildest among us have to slow down at some point. And Rihanna—sweet, sweet Rihanna—seems to have hit that wall, telling a British talk

The Most Intense Beef in Music Involves… Rihanna

Rappers don't beef anymore. There's too much at stake—appearance fees, headphone cross-marketing opportunities, the likelihood of being shot in a Las Vegas drive-by—to justify two top-of-their-game

Here’s the Hot Rihanna Instagram Photoshoot That Got Two People Arrested

Rihanna visited Thailand over the weekend, did not appear to wear anything more than a bikini for the duration of her stay, and got a

Here’s Rihanna Masterfully Twerking to Drake

Yeah, if the headline didn’t sell you already, I’ve got nothing for you.

Fan Tries to Grab Rihanna at Concert in the UK, Rihanna Slugs Fan With Microphone

First she dry humps a fan on stage now she hits one with a mic; Rihanna is becoming quite the aggressor. We like it!

Andre Drummond Dunked on Chris Brown; Aaron Carter Has a New Song Idea

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond threw down an impressive slam over Chris Brown at a Los Angeles gym. If it had been a woman driving

Amanda Bynes Tweeted Rihanna This Weekend: ‘Chris Brown Beat You Because You’re Not Pretty Enough’

Many media outlets—ahem—took a break this weekend from non-stop, round-the-clock reportage on the childhood-ruining antics of Amanda Bynes. For good reason: At a certain point,

Rihanna Makes It Rain on a Stripper, Because That’s Just What Rihanna Does

Rihanna dropped $8,000 on several dancers at a Miami strip club. 

Chris Brown Explains How He Owns Rihanna in Insane Rant

Just a couple of days after freaking out on a valet over $10, convicted wife-beater Chris Brown went on a bizarre rant that you've got

Rihanna Named GQ’s ‘Obsession of the Year,’ Gets Nearly Naked for Magazine

Rihanna has ever been shy about showing what she's working with, and we get one of the best looks of her yet (save those leaked

Chris Brown Got a Tattoo of Rihanna’s Beaten Face on His Neck

Or at least that's what it looks like.

ACTUALLY, This Katy Perry and Rihanna GIF Is the Greatest Ever, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Yesterday, we gave you what we thought was the best GIF ever. Let's now put this one in the running. Thanks to the guys at

What Everyone Was Doing in 1974, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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A YOLO to End All YOLOs, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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