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Dick Fowler, P.I is Golf’s Biggest Badass

Dick Fowler, P.I., who is absolutely NOT Rickie Fowler with a bad mustache, is the answer to all of our golf etiquette problems. He’s out

Rickie Fowler’s New ‘This Is Sportscenter’ Commercial Is Freakin’ Hilarious

Sportscenter's John Anderson discovers the story behind Rickie Fowler's bright orange outfit. 

Golf Boys Drop New Song ‘2.Oh’ and It is a Masterpiece

I regretfully bashed the last Golf Boys' song, "Oh Oh Oh." At the time, like Rory McIlroy during the second round of this weekend's

This is What a Live Golf Boys Concert Looks Like

Professional golf’s only boy band put on a rare performance last night at Bubba Watson’s bash in Columbus, Ohio. The Golf Boys, comprised of Watson,

Watch a Rickie Fowler Look-A-Like Kid Mimic His Hero’s Swing Perfectly… on the Tee

Was just flipping between the Jets game on CBS and the Tebow game on Fox when I spotted this Rickie Fowler look-a-like fan who slid

Watch PGA Golfers, Fowler, Mahan, Watson, and Crane Perform Their New Song “Oh Oh Oh”

So this really is happening. Just in time for the U.S Open, four PGA Tour players go