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Just One Trill Bro Singing ‘Sanctified’ in a Car By Himself

Be honest. You've done this too.

Kanye West Had a Surprise Concert with Rick Ross, Brought Down the House

Kanye West liked Prince's appearance on Arsenio Hall so much that he swung by to perform the next night with Big Sean and Rick Ross.

50 Cent Calls Rick Ross Gay, Ross Says He’s Irrelevant

Over the weekend, 50 Cent uploaded an image of Diddy, Steve Stoute, and Rick Ross onto his Instagram with the caption, "I ain't saying nothing,

Listen to Rick Ross’s New Album ‘Mastermind’

The Devil is a Lie, and Rick Ross is the Mastermind.

Rappers And Cereal Has Officially Won The Internet Photoshop Game

Start your morning with Snoop Loops, 2 Grainz, Rice Rickies, Jigga Jacks: the breakfast of champions.

Wale, Lupe Fiasco, and Rick Ross Drop Fire with New Song ‘Poor Decisions’

The easy and cheesy intro to this song's writeup would go something like this: The "Poor Decisions" Rick Ross chorus says "Rich n*ggas making poor

Here’s the Flashy Video for Chinx Drugz’ ‘Ima Cokeboy (Remix)’ Ft. Diddy, French Montana, Rick Ross

Good jams will bring the big names. This is lesser-known Chinx Drugs collabing with some of the industry's biggest, creating a track that seems like

Rick Ross Was Shot at More Than 20 Times in Drive-By That Was Not Staged

Yesterday, we all read the sketchy, non-conclusive reports that said Rick Ross was the victim of a failed drive-by shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It

Rick Ross Drops ‘The Black Bar Mitzvah’ Mixtape

How about a new project from Rick Ross? Clocking in at 18 tracks, Rick Ross just dropped his "The Black Bar Mitzvah" mixtape. Lots of

Why Rick Ross Needs to Quit Rap

For some sad, god-awful reason, Rick Ross sells albums. The man has made a fortune off the stupidity of everyone able to tolerate his beyond

Kanye West, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled Release Video for “I Wish You Would/Cold”

Filmed a bit like the opening scene from "Saving Private Ryan," the video for "I Wish You Would/Cold" is mainly remarkable for actually getting Kim

New Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross Music Video with Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, and Wolfgang Gartner

How fitting that on the day Rick Ross drops his fifth album, "God Forgives, I Don't," he releases a music video with Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. Like

Here’s Wale’s Video for ‘Ambition’ Featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross

Wale drops off the new video for my personal favorite and title track off Ambition featuring Meek Mill and Rick Ross. Hopefully this

6 New Downloads for Today: January 31

We've got a hefty selection of new music for you today. Check out an exclusive track from Super Mash Bros. off their fortcoming 'Mile(y) High

Rick Ross Lost Consciousness After Seizure on Flight

TMZ is reporting that everyone's favorite fat rapper, Rick Ross went unconscious after suffering from a seizure.

‘I Got A Whopper In The Car’: The Eight Best, Artery-Clogging Rick Ross Parodies On the Internet

Is it just us or are there a lot of Rick Ross spoofs on the Internet, mostly making fun of his gargantuan appetite? Here's

Dejaun Blair of the Spurs Covers Drake’s ‘Trust Issues’ with Ear-Numbing Results

NBA players are quickly becoming bored with all the extra free time at their disposal since there is no basketball in the foreseeable

Ski Beatz, Kanye, Asher Roth, and More in Today’s Downloads

Downloads are back, and we're changing up things a bit by including SoundCloud tracks instead of the usual fake YouTube videos. Below, check out new

Rapper Rick Ross Arrested for Marijuana Possession in Louisiana… Like a Boss

Editor's Note: Welcome to The 4:20 CHRONICle. Everyday at 4:20 p.m. we'll pay tribute to the best time of the day and the best way

VIDEOS: Rick Ross, Bo Jackson, and Tim Tebow Go ‘Boom’ in New Nike Commercials

Twitter just blew up with people wondering what the hell Rick Ross was doing in a Nike commercial. Turns out he's part of a new