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Rick Reilly Just Compared Martin Kaymer to Nazi Germany on Twitter

Hot take.

Rick Reilly Wrote a Poem About the New York Jets, and It’s Not Very Good

It’s not an overstatement to say that Rick Reilly has irreversibly lowered the bar for American sportswriting with his effort over at ESPN today. We

Steve Young Says His Staredown of Rick Reilly Was a ‘Bro Stare’

Remember that death stare Steve Young gave Rick Reilly at the end of Monday night's Steelers-Chiefs game? The one that came after Reilly was caught,

Rick Reilly Wants You to Know He Had the Ben Roethlisberger Injury First on Twitter

Hey, remember last night when Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger clearly injured his shoulder on national television?  Many of us saw him walk off in

5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Golf this Summer

I picked up golf in third grade, I think. Maybe fourth—the actual date of inception is hazy. There is no doubt, though, that I began

Dan Patrick Thinks Rick Reilly Sucks at TV Just as Much as the Rest of Society

If you are one of the few who follow me on Twitter, you might be aware of my distaste for Rick Reilly's on-air commentary. Like Dan