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Kobe Bryant Does Not Suck at Hitting Softballs

Black Mamba is a terrific name for a softball bat.

Here are the 2 Finalists for the Madden 15 Cover

Two enter, one will emerge.

Barack Obama Imitates Richard Sherman Somewhat Effectively

Don't disrespect him.

Richard Sherman Destroys a Troll on Twitter

Rule number one of the Internet: Don’t feed the trolls, unless you’re Richard Sherman and just won a Super Bowl […]

Doug Baldwin Interrupted Richard Sherman’s Post Game Presser To Call Him A Mediocre Corner

Richard Sherman didn't leave the game unscathed -- some people idiots think his ankle injury was caused by KARMA -- but he was still in high spirits

This Frank Caliendo Mockumentary on Richard Sherman Is Very Funny

We've known Frank Caliendo is ocassionally grinding on pregame shows—but has always remained an amazingly talented impressionist. This fake 30 for 30 on Richard Sherman's outburst, though, is next-level

Richard Sherman Dominates Super Bowl 48 Prop Bets List

The most popular prop bets for Super Bowl 48 probably would have revolved around snow, the weather, and the possibility of Mother Nature making Super

Children Re-Enact Richard Sherman’s Interview, Are Our Most Precious Resource

While the masses bemoaned what type of example Richard Sherman was setting for our children with his emotional outburst, actual children recreated it.

Erin Andrews and Richard Sherman are Total BFFS, You Guys

People are still talking about what Richard Sherman's postgame interview MEANS FOR AMERICA AND THE FUTURE. Seriously. But the two primaries from the Story of

Stop What You’re Doing and Listen to Richard Sherman’s Interview BEFORE Talking to Erin Andrews

Before went OFF on Fox's Erin Andrews for the greatest unscripted post-game interview of all time, he spoke to FOX Deportes about sealing the deal to the

‘The Shermanator’ T-Shirt Is a Must-Buy If You’re Rooting For the Seahawks in the Super Bowl

Dear Teespring T's, 

Richard Sherman Writes Column for Critics, ‘If You Want to Judge Me, I Can Handle It’

Ghostwritten or not, Richard Sherman has 900 words up on Peter King's MMQB this Monday morning—proving he's a bit more productive than most of us on a holiday.

Richard Sherman’s Wild Interview Gets the Mean Gene Treatment It Deserves

Even before Richard Sherman was done with his bizarre postgame interview with Erin Andrews, I thought to myself: "someone should insert WWF legend Mean Gene

Richard Sherman’s Post-Game Interview with Erin Andrews Was INTENSE

The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl for the second time in franchise history. Erin Andrews found Richard Sherman after the game where

Richard Sherman Won Sunday Night Football Tonight

Seattle-San Francisco was the most hyped game of the week, and it ended up not dominated by Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick, but thunder, defense,

Richard Sherman Owns Ultimate Troll Skip Bayless, Tells Him ‘I Am Better At Life Than You’

WOW. Sherman just comes out guns blazing here, huh? If he treated pretty much any other anchor like this, you'd be like, easy, dude. It's

25 Insane Athlete Purchases, Craigslist Encounters of the BCS, Plus More Weekend Sports Links

Get the latest and greatest of the wild weekend that was, right here right now. We're guessing it beats working. 

Trent Williams’ Hand Congratulated Richard Sherman’s Face After the Seahawks-Redskins Game

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is no stranger to postgame confrontations. Just ask Tom Brady. So it came as no great surprise to see him

Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman Taunts Tom Brady After Game With ‘U Mad Bro?’

The Seattle Seahawks pulled off an improbable 24-23 win over the New England Patriots yesterday. Raise your hand if you saw that one coming. Cornerback