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Richard Branson Is the World’s Ugliest Woman

Virgin CEO Richard Branson is worth billions. So is airline magnate Tony Fernandes. When the two both owned Formula One teams back in 2010, they

Bro King Sir Richard Branson Creates a New Way to Hit on Chicks on an Airplane

Sir Richard Branson is such a freakin' Bro king it's not even funny. Virgin America just created a "seat-to-seat delivery" option to buy a person

Our Bros of the Week Are Celebrating a Milestone

Has it been a good week? Oh yeah, certainly f*ckin' has. Earthquake hit (I didn't feel it), I'm back on the feminist radar (got a

Our Bros of the Week Do Things Their Way

What a week this was: The bust of grotesque hookers, 4/20, Earth Day, and even Snoop Dog got into the action by smoking out of a