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RG3′s Squat Routine Looks Trill as Fuck

He's back.

RG3 REALLY Wants You to Know He REALLY Wants to Win a Super Bowl


Recapping RGIII’s Fun-Filled Day at the White House Easter Egg Roll

He's a kid at heart.

The Redskins’ On-Field Failures Are Affecting One Guy’s Performance in Bed

A poor performance by your team on the field Sunday can certainly affect your mood. 

RG3’s Eventual Death Foreshadowed on Live TV

As a Redskins' fan, I know that my fate is to watch RG3 one day die on an NFL field. 

Human Wears Washington Redskins Coat So Beautiful it Hurts

The Washington Redskins may not be the best team in the NFL, but their fanbase is without question the most fashionable.

Introducing RG3Woman, RGIII’s Superhot Superfan Who Dresses Up as a Superhero

Her name is Lauren Bacon (probably only has like 3 degrees to Kevin Bacon), she is 26-years-old and thanks to dressing up like this on Halloween,