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RadiusRoll Putter Review — Wait. What the Hell Is a RadiusRoll Putter?

Drive for show...and all that good stuff.

Conan O’Brien Creating Himself and then Reviewing ‘WWE 2K14′ Is 6-Minutes of Awesome

In his latest Clueless Gamer sketch, Conan creates his own wrestling character and takes on The Rock in WWE 2K14.

Hilarious Amazon Reviews Claim Haribo’s Sugarless Gummy Bears Cause Lower Intestine EXPLOSIONS

Sugarless gummy bears. FUCKIN' SUGARLESS GUMMY BEARS! POW...POW, POW! They're tearing the ass out of our country, one unsuspecting American at a time. At least that's

We Went to Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, and Lived to Tell This Tale

Only an asshole would review a restaurant when it first opens. Expecting greatness right out of the gates is insane. Some establishments need a few