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The ‘Honest College Grad Resume’ Is More or Less Completely Accurate

What if your resume accurately represented your life? Horrifying, right? Humor writer Andrew Weiser sent us this, the "Honest College Grad Resume," which will probably keep

NBA Player Delonte West Tweets Out His ‘Resumay’ for All to See, Complete with a Reference

After recently being let go by the Mavericks, it sounds like the former St. Joes standout needs a job. And fast. 

5 Simple Tips for Landing a Career Right Out of College

Look how badass you are with that sweet new Bachelor’s degree! I bet you’re going to waltz out into the job world, land something that

The Letter You Don’t Want to Get When Applying for a Job

Trying to find a job has become an increasingly difficult voyage into an abyss of online databases and form letters. Often times, the status of

Is This the Worst (or Best) Resume You’ve Ever Seen?

A guy posted this resume on Reddit over the weekend claiming that it was received from a