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10 Reasons Why Your Waiter/Waitress Hates You

The game is the game; customers gonna bitch and waiters gonna hate.

Watch a MASSIVE Wave Smash into Diners at a Restaurant in California

Where's Bohdi when you need him to surf this bitch?

Next Time You’re Trying to Woo a Girl on a Date, Pay the Check on an App Without Asking for It

There is nothing worse than a post-meal,  pre-departure lull when you’re out on a date. It can make or break […]

Dominos Apologizes to Man Who Burned His Dick While Having Sex with Pizza

You're the social media editor of a major international pizza chain and a man is tweeting at you to claim he just had sex with

Restaurant Closes, Leaves a Ridiculous Note to Everyone in Town

This happened in Texas. Of course it happened in Texas. 

This Easily Scared Restaurant Employee Has an Amazing Highlight Reel

His expression never changes. He's just moppin' away and BAM—that same look of horror every single time. What an employee.

Fat Girls Not Happy About Receipt From Restaurant Pointing Out That They’re Fat Girls

Hey, give the guy a break. It was busy in his section and it’s hard to remember which table is which.

Chinese Restaurant Shut Down After People Notice Owner Dragging in Roadkill

If you’ve eaten at the Red Flower Chinese Restaurant in Williamsburg, Ky., recently, you may want to take the day off to puke into your