Watch A Restaurant Staff Read Mean Reviews From Yelp And Be Glad You’re Not A Waiter


People who work in the service industry put up with the worst shit from people.


Chef Gets Sweet Revenge On Two Entitled Women Who Wrote Bad Yelp Reviews


There are many great things about Yelp: It's perfect for finding the cleanest strip club in a city you're not familiar with after a succulent steak dinner at a local chophouse.


These Are The 12 People You Always Have To Split A Check With


Every waiter in the history of the universe hates splitting checks.

restaurant tricks

9 Devious Ways Restaurants Try to Trick You


The restaurant industry has its fair share of problems (sexism, racism, the whole tipping vs.


Restaurant Allegedly Kicks Out Gays, Community Takes Hilarious Revenge By Advertising Restaurant As A New Gay Bar


Big Earl's Bait House and Country Store, via Yelp It’s nice to think that in this day and age people have generally become more accepting of others and their sexual dispositions, however unfortunate cases like this are a constant reminder that not everyone has necessarily caught up with the times.


Is The Food At Hooters Actually Good? — A BroBible Discussion

By | 6 Comments

This afternoon the BroBible team learned that the causal dining institution known as Hooters will be opening a new location in New York City, where we call home.

olive garden

This Customer’s Olive Garden Feedback Card Just Goes To Show What A Rip-Off ‘Endless’ Pasta Is

By | 4 Comments

 It’s no secret that I hate Olive Garden, to the point where I’d rather shave my pubes using a shattered light bulb laced with heroin than spend money on “pasta” there.

olive garden

Very Bad News If You Love The Unlimited Breadsticks At Olive Garden


My esteemed colleague Rebecca's coverage of Olive Garden has been second-to-none over the last few weeks.


10 Reasons Why Your Waiter/Waitress Hates You


The game is the game; customers gonna bitch and waiters gonna hate.


Watch a MASSIVE Wave Smash into Diners at a Restaurant in California


Where's Bohdi when you need him to surf this bitch.

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