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Arizona State University Is Developing Jetpacks To Help U.S. Combat Soldiers Run Faster


Every now and then we need a reminder that college isn't just about chugging beer and getting laid; it's about working your ass off in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation to make the world a better, more kickass place.


Guess How Many 20-Somethings Are Still Living With Their Parents?


You know the trend: Go to college, party your ass off for four years, graduate, then move back home with your parents to flounder around for a couple more years before getting "a real job.

self driving technology

Researchers working on $150 self-driving car kit


The era of the self-driving car is coming much, much sooner than you think.


Your smartphone needs a Fat Thumb


If you've got a smartphone, inevitably you've run into this: you've got groceries in one hand, and you need to do something with your phone in the other that requires a pinch or some other currently impossible gesture.


New study shows men like their women drunk and/or asleep


A new study out of the University of Texas at Austin suggests that men are attracted to women who appear drunk, stupid, and sleepy, because they're much easier to take home for a one-night stand.


British Researchers Claim G-Spot Isn’t Real


[inline:2]When most of us are dicking down a fine-looking lady -- one who probably isn't fine looking in daylight or in a state of sobriety -- we generally aim to please her.

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