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The GOP Asked Twitter About the Issues in 2014; Twitter Responds Gleefully

Rule one of Twitter: If you are a major brand that a lot of people hate, whatever you do will backfire. 

Kate Upton Spends Her 21st Birthday… With Republican Lawmakers?

Yesterday, as you know, was Kate Upton's 21st birthday. Show of hands if this is how you expected Kate Upton, The Most Viral Girl on

Jon Stewart Calls Out ‘You Magnificent Bastards’

Did you watch Joe Biden rope-a-dope with Paul Ryan last night? Brilliant stuff, man. But if you're getting nauseated by presidential politics, check out Thursday's

The Very Best of the ‘College Republican’ Meme

This morning we discovered a meme from way back in January, right as political primary season was heating up. Now that it's October and the

Office Debate: Are Our Readers Mostly Democrats or Republicans?

With the 2012 Presidential election looming, our office has had some heated political conversations. Admittedly, we're pretty much split down the middle with our party

A Nation Asks: Is the Republican National Convention Just Too Sexy?

Sure we at BroBible like to post the latest Kate Upton photoshoots, or whatever new bikini Bar Refaeli is wearing. But for my money, things

Republicans Call For a ‘Crackdown’ on Porn

Hey America: Are your ready for a porn prohibition? When it happens in the near future, you can thank your fellow Republicans!

Just Congressmen Being Bros: GOP Lawmakers Caught in Late-Night Drinking and Skinny-Dipping Scandal

So you're a freshman Republican congressman who's been sent by your party on a fact-finding trip to Israel. You and 60 other lawmakers, aides, wives

An Indecent Proposal from Sarah Silverman

Probably the craziest things we've seen from Sarah Silverman in a long time. Casino magnate and multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson has committed $100 million to defeat

Republicans Hold Slight Advantage in Org*sm Race

A new survey from Match.com reveals Republicans have less sex than Democrats, but that it's more fruitful. Not sure if this information is going to