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Idiot Congratulates Nicolas Mahut on His French Open Loss


Minnesota Wild Reporter Takes a Stick to the Face, Hangs in There

In the face.

Magic Trick Causes Reporter to Lose Her Sh*t On Live TV

A thousand bucks says she has the same reaction when a guy doesn't tell her that he's about to cum.

Hurricane Sandy Reporter Clarifies That Sea Foam Is ‘Not Actually Whale Sperm’

All this time...I thought it... God dammit, feel so stupid.

Erin Andrews Tells Dan Patrick Why She Left ESPN

The Queen of Sideline Reporting apparently made a pros and cons list like Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly.” So that’s apparently sexy now.

TV Reporter Suzi Theodory Drenched By a Helicopter While Reporting From the Scene of a Forest Fire

Time Warner Cable reporter Suzi Theodory, who's kinda a hottie, was dispatched to report about a forest fire. In the thick of the