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Hero Reporter Stops Videobomber By Asking Her If She Has STDs

In New Orleans right now, thousands of Super Bowl ticket-holders, NFL insiders, and people just there for the spectacle have descended upon the fair Southern

Will Ferrell Answers Reporter’s Cell Phone During Interview

Will Ferrell is no stranger to improv or hamming it up, so when a reporter’s (Sarah, at the end of the table, to

Reporter Covers Himself in Frothy Raw Sewage Foam During Hurricane Irene Coverage from Ocean City

At least for me here in Manhattan, Hurricane Irene turned out to be a reason to stay in, blast Scorpion, and slug margaritas. Of course,

When People Fall Face First In Dog Sh*t Everybody Wins

The scary thing is he isn't even the least bit put off by falling face first in dog sh*t. He almost seems to

Fat Redneck Sucks Face With a Reporter On Live TV

News 12 reporter, Kathy Cheek was on the scene of a "big" wrestling event in Greensboro, N.C. There were esteemed wrestling stars such