‘Clowns For Christ’ Is A Thing, In Case You Didn’t Hate Clowns Enough Already


Ugh, clowns, they're just slightly below pickup artists on the "creepy profession" scale.


The Devil Wants You To Drink Monster Energy Drink—And This Lady Has The Proof

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You might not have known this, but Monster Energy Drink has been sent up from the sulfuric depths of Hell by Beelzebub himself, and this lady wants to tell you all about it.


Church Shuts Down After Pastor Basically Called All Women ‘Penis Homes’


Washington Evangelical Church Mars Hill, a megachurch with fifteen locations in the Pacific Northwest, is closing up shop after its pastor said some amazingly dumb things about women.


This Pastor Gets It Right About Recreational Consumption of Alcohol and Marijuana


I know he spoke for over a minute, but all I heard come out of his mouth is "let's get drunk and smoke dope.


Who’s hotter? Girls who believe in evolution or girls who believe in creationism


Last night, Bill Nye debated creationist Ken Ham about the validity of creationism versus evolution.

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