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Searching for Meaning in Life? ’90s Hunk Andrew Keegan Has Invented a Religion

Who wouldn't follow this guy?

Female Hasidic Rock Group Bans Men From Attending Their Shows, Angering Roughly Zero Men

I'm so upset by this I'm gonna continue not buying their music.

This Pastor Gets It Right About Recreational Consumption of Alcohol and Marijuana

I know he spoke for over a minute, but all I heard come out of his mouth is "let's get drunk and smoke dope."

Justin Bieber Gets “Cleansed” Of Racism With Baptism

Seriously. Is anyone surprised anymore?

What if ‘Cosmos’ Was Made By Creationists?

Who made the heavens? Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The BroBible Guide to Surviving Church This Christmas Eve

If you are anything like me, you haven't been inside a church in several hundred days. Or more. Excluding weddings, I'm pushing over a thousand

Is Google God?

In America, you can believe in whatever God you want. A small sect of people have founded a religion worshiping Google. 

4 Solutions to Fix Organized Religion

By some cruel twist of fate, I spent Friday night of Labor Day Weekend in a synagogue (the temple was in the Hamptons, so I

Watch a Pastor Throw a Hissy Fit During Sermon

The spirit of Mike Gundy is strong in this man. It practically burns through him.

The Pope Is Finally Getting a Twitter Account

Follow him or spend eternity in hell.