Calm Down, Bro: 10 Things You Never Call A Woman, No Matter How Mad You Are

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Any “adult” will tell you that it’s best to avoid hitting below the belt during an argument (both figuratively and literally).

relationship pranks

Guy Texts Girlfriend As Another Girl And Then She ABSOLUTELY Loses Her Shit


I read somewhere that the key to a successful relationship is being able to forgive your partner and having a sense of humor.


Girl Got Revenge On Her Cheating Boyfriend In What COULD’VE Been The Most Disgusting Act Ever, But She Pussed Out

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Either go 100 or don’t go at all is how I look at life, so when I saw that Li Tan, 23, plastered her boyfriend’s car with feminine hygiene products (period pads, in other words), I got excited.


Guy Has The Most ‘This Is My Nightmare’ Reaction When His Girl Surprises Him That She’s Pregnant


Receiving an unexpected pregnancy announcement from your significant other is bad enough as it is, why do women have to pull stunts like this.


Do You Really Want To Bang Your Girlfriend’s Mom? This Study Says You’re Not Alone


Imagine you are standing in a room with five other dudes and all of you have a girlfriend or wife.


Grin and Bear It: The Shit You’re Forced to Do with Your Girlfriend And Why It’s Good For You In The Long Run


There’s an ancient prophecy that goes, “do whatever she says if you expect to get laid.


What You Should Do When Your Girlfriend Walks In On You Watching Porn


Besides running water and maybe electricity, there are few modern advancements that have affected the life of a bro as much as the advent of porn.

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