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6 Problems With Dating a Broke Girl 

Dating a broke girl is like keeping a Redbox rental too long, eventually you will pay way too much for that shit!

This Guy Proved That Threatening to Post Nudes of Your Cheating Girlfriend Online Will Get Her Attention FAST

"You was my baby, my fuckin' cinnamon apple!"

6 Messages Not to Send When Online Dating

Avoid these rookie mistakes, Bros.

Would You Rather Live in a World with No Marriage or No Divorce?

How about a hybrid solution?

6 Ways to Tell If Your Girlfriend is Lying About Her ‘Number’

Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.

Some Bro Made An OkCupid Account And Only Responded To Girls Using A Chatbot, Much Desperation Ensued

Does anyone on OkCupid actually get laid? Ever?

Can’t Get Laid, Bro? You Might Be Communicating With Ladies The Wrong Way

Bros, are you always shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to women?

5 Things You Could Do to Have Better, More Intense Sex, According to Tasha Reign

I want to start out by saying I cannot stress the idea of consensual sex enough in this article and in the way we should

6 Underrated Places to Pick Up Girls After College

College life means a bevy of potential hook-ups are around you constantly. In the real world, not so much.

Can’t Get Laid? You Might Be Fucking Up Your Chances With One Of These 56 Dealbreakers

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Bros, Dinner And A Movie Isn’t Enough. Here Are Some Better Date Ideas That’ll Get You Laid

Time to step up your game, Bros.

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Date An Instagram Chick

I know it’s tempting, Bro. That girl with the fat ass and juicy chest pieces is 100% thoroughbred lust object.

So… We’re Hearing Rumors Jennifer Lawrence Is Single Again

Unconfirmed, but well-sourced ish.

The Top Ten Problems With Dating An Ugly Chick

...besides the fact that she's ugly, of course.

Is Getting a Lap Dance From a Stripper Ever Considered Cheating?

What you call cheating, I call philanthropy.

The 10 Phrases Women Say To Men And What They ACTUALLY Mean, As Translated By A Girl

It's allllll about the subtext.

Alex Ovechkin Just Got Dumped

His fiancée called off the engagement.

Pissy Husband Made An Excel Spreadsheet With All The Dates And Excuses Of Why His Wife Turned Him Down For Sex

"I'm watching a 'Friends' re-run, go masturbate or something this is important."

5 Ways to Know If You’re His Girlfriend or His Side Chick

Always asking yourself "am I his girlfriend or not?" Ask no more!

Is Your Girl Being A Bitch? Send Her This Happy Video That’ll Either Cheer Her Up Or Send Her Into A Murderous Rage

It's a 50/50 shot here.

6 Things Chicks Want From Men First Thing In the Morning

The list is composed of what men have done for me, and I want to pass on the positive tips to you.

Are You A Dick Who Likes To Creep Through Your Girl’s Phone? This New App Lets You Do That Without Getting Caught

Now's the time to celebrate...if you're a douche.

5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Move In With Your Girlfriend

Moving in together is a terrible idea. Here's why.

The 5 Ways Girls Are Flirting With You…That 99% Of Bros Never Pick Up On

Flirting sucks.

My Slam Is AWFUL In Bed, How Do I Tell Her Without Destroying Her Life?

Answering the important questions as always.

New Sex Tape App ‘Disckreet’ Is a Game Changer and Could Be a Life Saver After a Bad Breakup

So...Disckreet might not be a bad $.99 investment.

Chart Accurately Shows What Every Guy’s Girlfriend Thinks About His Penis Throughout Their Relationship

This is probably more accurate than any of us are willing to admit.

Is Getting a Happy Ending Considered Cheating?

A July 3rd mailbag. Look at me go, really earning my paycheck and shit.

How Your Girl Is Secretly Cheating On You…Without Ever Touching A Dick

You never really know, do you?

Foolproof Tips For Having a Girl Over to Your Place for Dinner

It's the money date.

Tips For Getting Your Liquor-Sipping Girlfriend Into Beer

So you don't have to buy two things at the grocery store.

I’m A Tinder Failure, What’s Wrong With Me?

If you're plain ol' ugly we might have a bigger problem here.

5 Steps To Getting Your Girlfriend Back After She Caught You Cheating, According To A Girl

Sometimes this stuff happens, but you might be able to fix it.

This Video About Hookups In The Real World Is Too Pathetically Accurate

Life's not a Disney movie full of musical numbers and conga lines.

5 Reasons Why Your College Relationship Won’t Last

Face it. You've got no chance.

5 Red Flag First Date Responses for Both Guys and Girls

Be wary of these habits.

If You Thought Your Ex Was Crazy, Wait Until You Meet The Hannibal Lecter of Relationships

Now with less fava bean and more internal organs.

10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Your dick might not be the only thing she's riding.

Professor Jerked off to Student to Help Him Focus, Student Is Also a Dolphin

Teacher-student sex has been in the news lately.

6 Rules for Cheating On Your Girlfriend, Because If You’re Going to Be a Scumbag You Might As Well Be Good at It

When it comes to cheating on your girlfriend there are so many different views, some dudes think it’s no big deal, some dudes think it