The Day Everyone Realized How Much Better Than Me My Girlfriend Is At Being A Man


Mix two parts general ignorance with three parts garage-sale barbecue.

the flu

How To Be A Good Boyfriend When Your Girlfriend Is Sick


A complete playbook to handle your girlfriend getting sick.


This Woman Is Trying To Divorce Her Husband Because He Won’t Have Sex With Her Three Times A Day

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We’ve all heard the stories about how getting married = flaccid boners fo’ lyfe.


This Guy Hit On A Girl On Tinder By Telling Her How Their Entire Life Would Turn Out If They Got Together


Last last night, one of our readers emailed a conversation (below) that he had with a girl on Tinder.


This Woman Caught Her Husband Cheating On Her When She Found His NEW Wedding Photos On Facebook


Facebook is the source for thousands on thousands of relationships ending each and every day.


5 Reasons Why You Should Go For Sex On The First Date, According To Tasha Reign


A first date can be a lot of things: exciting, romantic, unexpected, nerve-racking, and on occasion, awkward.

truth or drink

Couples Play ‘Truth Or Drink,’ Reveal They Banged In A Chicken Coop


The good folks over at Cut Video had eight couples (including the director’s grandparents) play a loving game of "Truth or Drink.


10 (Awful) Ways to Keep the Sex Hot In Your Long Term Relationship


Love is a beautiful thing, especially that period in the beginning before people say, “I love you” when the guy doesn’t fart and the girl lets the guy touch her butthole during sex as much as he wants.

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