Study Finds That The Sports A Girl Plays Will Predict What She Will Be Like To Date


Lately I have been applying my scientific knowledge to my Tinder adventures, because I figured that if I were to spend thousands of dollar to earn a piece of paper called the college degree then I might as well use it to get laid.


If Your Girlfriend Realizes You Cheated On Her Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Something Like This For Your Birthday


Reddit user BostonTERRORier claims that his now ex-girlfriend gave him a “lovely present” for his birthday, consisting of a hand-written note and an empty bag containing "zero fucks.


Guy Walks In On His Girlfriend After She Banged Another Dude And Things Just Get Worse For Him From There (w/Video)


Finding out that your girlfriend is in bed with another guy is probably not the best news to receive first thing in the morning.


This Guy Slept With His Stepsister, Then Found Out She Was Cheating On Him With The Rest Of His FAMILY

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I used to think that all the stories on shows like Maury were fake, but at a certain point you have to sit back and realize no one in their right mind would be able to make up shit like this no matter how hard they tried.

couples get real

Couples Describe Each Others Private Parts In One Word And Is It Chilly In Here?


I'm so glad I wasn't invited to this because it would undoubtedly cause a fight in my household.

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