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Marriage Advice From Divorcees

Nothing like a little relationship from people who didn't get the marriage thing right on the first (...or second... or third...) try.

5 Ways to Tell If She’s Just Not That Into You, Dude

You know what I hate? Being mean. I’m just not a mean person by nature.

10 Reasons Every Girl Should Date a Bro

It’s come to my attention that a large portion of the female population have laughed bros out of their dateable […]

10 Reasons Why College Girls Stay Single, By a College Girl

Today I read an article written by a women on why her peers aren’t getting asked out.

6 Dating Apps for When You’re in a Relationship

I would invest in so many of these. Next Snapchat? Next Snapchat... 

10 Perfect Pick Up Lines That Actually Work

Firstly, let me start by saying that at the end of the day, no matter how good your opener or pick up line is, if

The Worst Breakup Advice Ever

"Hey! At least you didn't get married!" 

The 6 Worst Ways to Deal With a Breakup On Facebook

Sometimes my newsfeed is filled with all of these... 

10 Ways Bros Can Step Up Their Dating Game

It seems like everyone’s favorite topic of conversation, including my own, is dating and relationships. My friends are constantly telling me

10 Things Your Girlfriend Says and What She Actually Means

Women are fascinating creatures with all their feelings, their advanced emotional capacity and their secret woman bat signals that NO MAN

A Guide to Getting a Guy to Text You the Morning After, By America’s Favorite Sorority Girl

Editor's Note: We're very excited to introduce a new BroBible contributor. Rebbeca Martinson is a University of Maryland student who gained

Girl Leaves List of Reasons for ‘Why I’m Dumping You’

This list has been all over the Internet the last few days and we're finally getting around to posting it. Apologies if you saw it

Should You Remain in Contact with Your Ex’s Friends After a Break-Up?

Things will inevitably end up bad... 

Does a Guy Need Money to Get Women?

Even though most of my articles clearly explain what one needs to do in order to get women, I still have

10 Hilariously Awkward Types Of ‘Third Wheels’

The third-wheel: Not a situation you ever really want to find yourself in. Here are some people who have it worse than you.

Dear BiBi Jones: Pornstar Answers BroBible Readers’ Relationship Questions in New Advice Column

Editor's Note: Big news for us here at BroBible. We've enlisted adult entertainer BiBi Jones for a new relationship advice column

Bro Gets a Nosebleed Every Time He Orgasms, Plus How Do I Look Less Like a Man Whore to Chicks?

Submit your Ask a Babe questions here. 

Always Be Qualifying: How to Meet a Woman Without Losing Face

The following excerpt was republished from Jack Dalton's e-book: "Hesitation Leads to Masturbation: A Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Laid." I don’t come from an East Indian background.

6 Relationship Tips for Surviving the Holidays, Courtesy of Astroglide’s Relationship Ambassador

You learn something new every day. Until earlier today I had no idea that Astroglide -- yes, that Astroglide, the personal lubricant brand -- kept a

How to Deal With A Chick’s Many ‘Why I Can’t Have Sex Tonight’ Excuses

Being in a casual relationship is great. You get all the constant sex you want without too much hassle. Everything is peachy, things couldn’t be

Trying to Get a Girl to Friend You on Facebook? You Probably Shouldn’t Start Reddit Thread About Her

This "missed connection" popped up on the NYU Sub-Reddit over the weekend. In the middle of a stormy day in New York City, sparks allegedly

Breaking Down This Week’s 10 Most Baffling Text Messages on HeTexted.com

Time for our weekly breakdowns from HeTexted.com! This week's best of the texts includes baffling messages about Hurricane Sandy, trying to define what "commitment" means,

Bro on a Mission to Sleep With All of His Female Co-Workers Gets a Dose of Reality

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The Definitive Guide to Texting Chicks

Being asked for texting advice, almost on a daily basis, is a good indicator that my fellow, male compatriots are grasping the true reality of

Should You Pursue a Girl That Has a Crazy Ex-Boyfriend? Plus a Bro Asks If He Can Wear a Scarf

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7 Easy Steps On How To Steal Chicks Away From Your Competition

​These days it seems like competition is reaching an all time high everywhere I go and I seem to find myself in more and more

Is It Possible To Keep a Recent Ex as a Bang Buddy? Plus Just How Creepy is Facebook Chatting?

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What to Do With a Girlfriend That Doesn’t Like Giving Head, Plus the Verdict on Using Emoticons

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10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

Emily Hartridge is back with a new top 10 video, this time breaking down why men cheat. 

A Bro Asks if Semen Tastes Like Egg Drop Soup, Plus Other Dating Advice From Our Resident Babe

Those of you wondering where Ask a Bro is, it's going to be posted tomorrow. For now, here is this week's Ask a Babe. Submit

How to Score the Office Hottie, Plus What to Do When Your Ex Sends Naked Photos

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How to Get With a Sorority Girl If You’re Not in a Frat, Plus Dealing with a Chick’s Daddy Issues

Editor's note: After a brief hiatus, thanks to what we swear wasn't an earth-shattering yeast infection, our Ask a Babe column is back, so submit

When Is It O.K. to Bang Your Best Friend’s Sister? Plus Other Quizzical Nonsense

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Dealing With an Ex That Wants To Start Having Sex Again, Plus Other Shards Of Wisdom

Today's column is free of any and all feltching talk (which is sad), but we'll somehow still try to make it through this together. Submit

10 Reasons Why Men Love Bitches

Bitches. Some men hate 'em. Some men love 'em. In her craziest video to date, Emily Hartridge's latest "10 Reasons Why" counts down 10 surefire

How to Survive Going to the Beach With Your Girlfriend’s Family

Summer's going strong and if you don’t live in the same town as your girlfriend, most likely she invited you on some sort of family

Watching Adult Vids with Your Girlfriend, Daunting Sexual Scenarios, and Ditching Your Bro for a Ho

It's been roughly a fortnight since I've opened the mailbag -- my productivity during the holidays can only be likened to LeBron in the 4th

Are Girls Turned Off By (College Freshman) Virgins?

Q. I'm about to begin my freshman year at what's generally accepted to be a party school, so I'm preparing to have the time of

Help! My Girlfriend Doesn’t Think Her Hooking Up With Girls is Cheating

Q. My girlfriend is young and bisexual. She thinks it's O.K. to sleep with girls when I’m not around but it kind of bothers me.