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This Guy Running Around NYC Dressed As A Ref Giving People Yellow Cards For Doing Dumb Social Media Shit Is My Hero

The criteria for becoming my hero is pretty basic, in other words.

Kris Humphries Had a Free-Throw Attempt Blocked By a Referee

Courtney Kirkland was in a tight spot last night. The Brooklyn Nets’ Kris Humphries was lining up a free-throw attempt against Toronto, but there was

Read Roger Goodell’s Email Apologizing to Fans for the Referee Lockout

Anyone else out there receive this email? A couple of hours ago, it fell in the inbox of anyone who has somehow gotten themselves on

NFL Fines Bill Belichick $50,000 for Grabbing an Official

As our own Andy Moore said, "What's 50 grand to a motherf*cker like him, can you please remind me?" Ball so hard, Bill. Ball so

NFL Replacement Ref Lance Easley Went Drinking Last Night

A very important update regarding the NFL's scab ref situation: Adam Schefter reports on Twitter that NFL and the official NFL refs have come to an

Streaker Dressed As Ref Blows a Play Dead, Runs on the Field, and Causes a Brawl During Arizona-UCLA

What a prank of epic proportions in Tuscon! Right before the halftime of Arizona's blowout against UCLA, a student (probably?) dressed as a

VIDEO: SEC Refs Suffer Communication Breakdown During Florida vs. Miss State Field Goal Call

Mississippi State defeated Urben Myer's once-spotless Florida in Gainesville on Saturday, 10 - 7. The game's web gem is clip from the fourth quarter when