How To Make Your Own Redneck Homemade Outdoor Hot Tub


Want an outdoor hot tub to warm your cockles on a cold winter day, but don't have the scratch to pull it off.

road rage

Redneck Woman With Massive Road Rage FREAKS OUT On Another Driver

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This is the type of thing I file under "people who should never procreate.


Redneck Tries To Chug A Beer In Front Of An Industrial Air Compressor, His Body Turns Into Iggy Pop’s


Two things you never do in life are wear your pants over your belly button and go topless if your skin has the elasticity of Iggy Pop's.

white trash

Is Jelly Roll’s ‘Yippie Ki Yay’ The Next Great Redneck White Trash Anthem?

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Is it just me or has it been a long time since we've had a shameless, unabashed white trash anthem that malt liquor-drinkin', Timber Wolf-snuffin' rednecks of the world can rally behind.


Drunk Redneck Manages To Light Himself On Fire Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge


It takes a special kind of stupid to manage something like this.

Viral videos

Today in Stupid But Hilarious Things Rednecks Do: Getting a Friend to Punch You Out Before Getting a Tattoo


This guy—the one with the fantastic neck tattoo, sloppy haircut and just a general aura of something vaguely neo-Nazish—wants to get a tattoo.


Father Forces Son to Run Alongside Moving Car to ‘Train For Football,’ Son Is Only 5 Years Old


This video has everything: cursing, threats of vehicular homicide, a no-pain-no-gain mentality, talks of another son who sucks, CROCS, double-wides, RVs and, most importantly, a hint of child abuse.

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