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Drunk Redneck Manages To Light Himself On Fire Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge

It takes a special kind of stupid to manage something like this.

Today in Stupid But Hilarious Things Rednecks Do: Getting a Friend to Punch You Out Before Getting a Tattoo

This guy—the one with the fantastic neck tattoo, sloppy haircut and just a general aura of something vaguely neo-Nazish—wants to get a tattoo.

Father Forces Son to Run Alongside Moving Car to ‘Train For Football,’ Son Is Only 5 Years Old

This video has everything: cursing, threats of vehicular homicide, a no-pain-no-gain mentality, talks of another son who sucks, CROCS, double-wides, RVs and, most importantly, a hint of child abuse. Or,

Obamacare Will Never Recover After This Scathing Takedown By Larry The Cable Guy

BREAKING: December 11, 2013 -- Washington, D.C. Upon returning from his visit to South Africa for Nelson Mandela's funeral, President Barack Obama abruptly resigned today, moments after

This Video of a Redneck Tripping On Acid Is Delightful

The 9 best quotes said by a good ole boy tripping on LSD for the first time:

Here’s a Video of Katherine Webb Hanging Out with Uncle Si From Duck Dynasty at a Fashion Show

Like all Bros, I love Duck Dynasty. It's my mindless fodder to just throw on in the background and #grind. Thus, I love this video

45 Mind-Blowing Redneck Lifehacks

Have you ever used a leafblower to get your grill hotter? YEAH, THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT...

The Best Video on the Internet Today Is a Hillbilly Good Ole’ Boy Dancing with a Raccoon

Well this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Bless this fearless, hillbilly swamp person getting his boogie on with a raccoon to Aretha

You Might Be a Redneck If You Live in One of These 10 Cities

The good people at real estate blog Motovo decided to find out which cities are home to the most rednecks. They defined redneck as “gun-toting,

WVU Mountaineer Mascot Shoots a Bear with Musket, Celebrates With a ‘Go Mountaineers’ Chant

Well, this is probably about the most cliche West Virginia thing ever. While hunting in Pendleton County, West Virginia, WVU Mountaineer mascot Jonathan Kimble shot

Extremely Politically Incorrect Church Sign, Aimed at President Obama, Causes Uproar in Texas Town

A nice, healthy serving of WTF for the day. 

The Most Hilariously Disturbing Video Of a Redneck You’ll See Today

Apparently the good folks down in the backwoods of West Virginia finally heard Skrillex.

‘Redneck Dubstep’ Is Something That Exists

Uhh...yea. I could try to explain this, but I actually can't. 

The Best Damn Alabama Redneck Fireworks You’ll Watch Today

Nothing but pure hootin' and hollarin' "I'll be damned" fun here. Using a kiddie pool and a makeshift raft made of playwood, these good ole'

The ‘Almost Politically Correct Redneck’ Meme Is a Kenny Powers Greatest Hits Album In Meme Form

I can't decide which stereotype is more fun to make fun of: Rednecks or hipsters. They're both easy targets. One group whines about their

Meet the Redneck Antoine Dodson

Dukes of Hazzard reference? Check. Dale Jr. mention? Of course. Coonskin cap? Yep. The only thing this eye-witness report is missing is a

This Backwoods Redneck Fight Is Six Enjoyable Minutes of Lowbrow Entertainment at Its Finest

Here we have Billy vs. Bobby, meeting in a hallow of woods down by what appears to be the local swimmin' hole. Clocking in at

Watch a Man Get Tased by the Police Outside an Alabama Wal-Mart

This is rich. Anthony Scott Smith and his wife, Chrisanna Elizabeth Smith, were shopping in a Foley, Alabama Wal-Mart last Friday when they noticed a

Guy Takes a GoPro Hero to Dublin, Georgia’s Redneck Games

And this is the result. See what I mean when I say GoPros are just for surfers and skiers anymore? I totally went into this

Want to See a Man with a Cowboy Hat Get Leveled During a Redneck Fight at a Racetrack?

This here is a redneck fight from some speedway we haven't been able to identify. Yet. Punches get thown at :20 after the little man

Check Out This NASCAR Fan’s ‘Hillbilly Hot Tub’

Here's Joey Clark of Bullitt County, Kentucky, enjoying a beverage with a few women in the back of his pick-up truck while doing