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You Know Those Hot, Redheaded, Teen Hookers? We Found Their ‘Hire Us’ Ad

You're welcome.

43 Photos of Sexy Redheads For Your Afternoon Pleasure

We could say more, but really, the only reason is why not? 

Middle Schooler Suspended for Having the Greatest Haircut Ever

Patrick Gonzales is a middle schooler in San Antonio. He also has the greatest haircut in the history of haircuts, which doubles as a shrine

The World’s Largest Sperm Bank Turns Down Redheads Because No One Wants Ginger Babies

Complete sense is what this makes. In fact, sperm banks should be more selective altogether, and not just with redheads. But if some head-to-toe, freckled-out

What Do You Prefer: Blondes, Brunettes, or Redheads?

While tits and ass are currently in a dead heat as to which reigns supreme in the hearts of men, we thought why