Read And Learn From This Story About A Guy Who Got His Testicles Stuck In A Chair So It Won’t Happen To You


Every now and then a story comes along that makes me abnormally happy that I don't have a dick.


This Guy Tried To Vacuum His Farts Away And Wound Up Getting His Sphincter Sucked Into The Vacuum Instead


When it comes to getting rid of shitty smells, my mind immediately jumps to air fresheners.


Ha Ha: This Joke About Plastic Bags Is Pretty Great


I found this on Reddit and thought it would make for compelling BroBible content.

wake up call

This Letter From A Guy Who Found Out His Wife Was Cheating On Him For TEN YEARS Will Make You Rethink Your Life

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Every person who’s in their 20’s goes through a point where they realize that they either have NO idea what they’re doing with their life and panic, or that they’ve become too complacent with their every day routine and feel like they’ve become stale…and then panic.


This Tinder Review Is Actually A Story About A Man Ruining His Ex-Wife’s Marriage And Stealing Her Away In His Truck


Tinder is the only app on the market that not only provides hours of entertainment to horny singles in your area (wink wink wink), but also gives endless joy to people like me who are stuck in relationships and feel the need to live vicariously through those who use Tinder to get laid.


This Guy Is Offering A FREE Trip Around The World…But Only If You Have The Same Name As His Ex-Girlfriend


Have you ever wanted to travel around the world with some random stranger whose ex-girlfriend just happens to have the same name as you.


These Horror Stories From Girls Who’ve Encountered GIANT Dicks Will Make You Happy Your Johnson Is Average-Sized


Late last night a thread titled “Has anyone ever removed a partner’s pants only to be disgusted by what they had going on down there.


This Guy’s Girlfriend Only Communicates To Him Through Memes, Goes So Far As To Say ‘Such Sex, Wow’ While In Bed


The Internet is a giant black hole that’s fun to play with, but if you’re not careful it’ll suck you in and turn you into a giant weirdo.


Redditors Are Having A Weird Battle Of ‘WHOSE MOM’S HOTTER?!’


Reddit is a weird place where one-upmanship is highly encouraged.


This Kid Who Accidentally Blasted Porn While His Mom Was In The Car Is Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You


Watching R-rated movies with your parents and having merely a suggestive sex scene happen is one of the most casually awkward things that happen throughout your childhood, but having actual porn play.

dumb crime

The Most Awkward Story Of The Day Is About The Guy Who Got Caught Furiously Jerking It By A Burglar Robbing His House


Why shell out for a household security system when you can just make burglars really uncomfortable by jerking off in front of them.

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