The 5 Most Horrifyingly DISGUSTING Stories You’ll Ever Find On The Internet

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Reddit is a wonderful website for people sharing about past experiences and life stories.


‘Black People Twitter’ Has Officially Taken Over Reddit, Brought The Funny Back (PICS)


I'd estimate that over the course of the past half decade I've spent, on average, somewhere around 5% of my waking hours surfing Reddit.


This Poor Guy Experienced Every Man’s Worst Nightmare While Trying To Masturbate In His Bathroom


I don't know about you people, but my worst masturbatory-related nightmare has to be the thought of somehow dying mid-jerk and having someone, ANYONE, find my mostly lifeless body one the floor (I say "mostly" because I imagine my dick would still be reaching for the stars) while porn continues to stream on my iPhone.


This Guy Had The Worst Tinder Date EVER Because It Ended With Him Being Inside A Meth House With A Crackhead


We all know that Tinder isn’t the best filter when it comes to finding potential dates.


UPDATE 11PM: This Guy Caught His Wife And Sister-In-Law Cheating In A Four-Way And Is Currently Live-Updating The Story

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WARNING: If you're looking for a quick and easy story where a guy gets petty revenge on his cheating wife, this story isn't for you.

being lazy

Read An Amazing Story About The Laziest Thing A Person Has Ever Done


Every now and then, someone starts a thread on Reddit about the laziest thing they've ever done.


These People Who Don’t Wipe Their Asses After Pooping Will Make You Feel Like The Cleanest Guy In Town


Here at the BroBible office we like to consider ourselves to be fairly hygienic; Brandon enjoys freaking out about the idea that someone in the office doesn't wash their hands after using the bathroom and David likes to floss at least twice during the work day.


Remember To Check Your Bluetooth So You’re Not This Guy Who Blasted Porn Over His Home Speakers At Christmas Dinner


The only thing worse than hearing about politics and religion at a Christmas dinner is hearing the sounds of a woman getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.


This Story About A Guy Getting Poo Blasted In The Face When Piercing Someone’s Asshole Is Why You Go To College, Kids


Not everyone can afford college and that’s perfectly fine, but college typically = a better life / career.

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