This Guy’s Girlfriend Only Communicates To Him Through Memes, Goes So Far As To Say ‘Such Sex, Wow’ While In Bed


The Internet is a giant black hole that’s fun to play with, but if you’re not careful it’ll suck you in and turn you into a giant weirdo.


Redditors Are Having A Weird Battle Of ‘WHOSE MOM’S HOTTER?!’


Reddit is a weird place where one-upmanship is highly encouraged.


This Kid Who Accidentally Blasted Porn While His Mom Was In The Car Is Definitely Having A Worse Day Than You


Watching R-rated movies with your parents and having merely a suggestive sex scene happen is one of the most casually awkward things that happen throughout your childhood, but having actual porn play.

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The Most Awkward Story Of The Day Is About The Guy Who Got Caught Furiously Jerking It By A Burglar Robbing His House


Why shell out for a household security system when you can just make burglars really uncomfortable by jerking off in front of them.


This Story About A Guy Who’s Been Pooping Wrong His Entire Life Will Confuse The Hell Out Of You


No, we're not talking about Butters from South Park, we're talking about poor Reddit user jaydogsmith, who apparently didn't know how to poop correctly until now.


This Lady Learned The Hard Way To Not Go Through Airport Security With A Metal Butt Plug Up Your Ass


Going through security is probably my favorite activity to do while at any given airport.


Guy Goes To Microwave His Lunch, But What He ACTUALLY Cooked Made Everyone In His Office Puke

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Have you ever been so out of it that Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a dinosaur in a fairy princess costume could walk up to you and offer you a cup of coffee and you wouldn’t even blink.


Kid Thought Going To Band Practice Stoned Would Be Okay, The 36 Stitches In His Scrotum Say Otherwise


While being stoned and doing activities like going to the movies or laying at the pool is great, there are certain activities you should NEVER do while stoned.


You Will Never Screw Up As Bad As This Guy On Tinder Who Was Less Than 5 Seconds Away From A Threesome


Tinder is the best way to meet random people who are attractive, since meeting attractive people in real life is hard.

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