This Story About A Guy Sleeping With A Cougar Will Remind You Not To Stick Your Dick Into Wild Animals


Ahh, cougars; the one type of woman every guy wants to be able to brag about sleeping with, and yet most will never get the chance to even bring one home.

sex ed

These Horrendously Stupid Questions Sex Ed Teachers Say They’ve Gotten During Class Will Make You Weep For Humanity


Remember how in grade school your teacher would always emphasize that there’s no such thing as a “stupid” question.


Bro Learns Painful Lesson About The Perils Of Making Jokes While A Girl Gives Him Head


Making jokes about infidelity while your girlfriend is going down on you is only going to lead to trouble, and this bro learned that in the most painful way possible.


Girl Tries Infamous ‘Grapefruit Blowjob Technique’ For Valentine’s Day, Things Turn Sour Quickly

By | 4 Comments

Auntie Angel became an Internet legend when she dropped the infamous 'Brapefruit Blowjob Technique' video on YouTube, which people quickly dubbed as 'the most terrible sound in the universe.


This Girl Accidentally Asked Her Friend To Have A Threesome With Her And Her Boyfriend And The Answer Was YES


I'm sure the majority of the guys out there reading this have gotten down on their knees and prayed to every major and minor deity they could find on Wikipedia for a threesome.

laser tag

This Story Is Exactly Why You Don’t Make Friends With The Weird People At Work Who Play Laser Tag With 10-YearOlds


The only memory I have of playing laser tag was that the venue was hot, sweaty, and smelled like a mixture of body odor and farts.


This 7-Year-Old Was Told To Draw What He’d Look Like In 100 Years, So He Drew Himself As A Pimp


Now I'm clearly not a parent and hopefully will never be one (no really, I would just spawn Satan children and I'm not mentally equipped to deal with that), but if my kids ever came home with a self-portrait of them as a pimp in 100 years I'd be proud as hell.

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