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These Job Interview Horror Stories Will Make You Appreciate Being An Unemployed Post Grad


I’ve never really had a bad job interview, mostly because I dress well and am a pro at bullshitting my way through life.


These Guys Claim That The Following Pickup Lines ACTUALLY WORKED On Girls, And No Lie I Believe Them


When all the semantics are stripped away and everything gets down to the bare basics, these are the rules of how to easily shnag a lady: 1.


These Stories From Men Who’ve Gotten Mail Order Brides Will Make You Wonder Why You Haven’t Bought One Already


Why bother with the whole dating game when you can drop a fat wad of cash and get yourself a mail order bride instead.


The Ultimate Poker Face: Guy Tries To Teach A Class Of 30 Children While Tripping On LSD

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Reddit’s “Today I Fucked Up” subreddit is filled with stories that range from “Yeah okay that definitely happened” to “Okay that could have happened I guess.


If Your Girlfriend Realizes You Cheated On Her Don’t Be Surprised When You Get Something Like This For Your Birthday


Reddit user BostonTERRORier claims that his now ex-girlfriend gave him a “lovely present” for his birthday, consisting of a hand-written note and an empty bag containing "zero fucks.

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Take These Ingenious Ways Students Have Cheated On Tests And Definitely Don’t Use Them On Your Finals *Wink*


I’ve never cheated on a final exam because the idea of getting caught and thrown out of school was scary enough to make my asshole pucker up and get me to open up a textbook, but not all people are giant pussies like I am.


Do You Have A More Embarrassing Drunk Story Than This Girl Who Lost Her Pants And Broke Into Her Professor’s House?


There’s nothing quite like getting blacked out drunk in college and making an ass of yourself so you can look back at yourself 5-10 years down the road and be like “Wow I haven’t changed as a person whatsoever.


This Guy’s Massage Parlor Happy Ending Was Going Swell Until He Looked Down And Saw What Was ACTUALLY Going On


At the time of me writing this I’ve heard exactly 500 stories where back-alley massage parlor handjobs ended up as fuel for your nightmares down the road and 0 where they actually…well, ended happily.


This Painful Story Is Why You Don’t Swipe Left On A Girl Who’s Standing Right Behind You


We all know that at its ground roots Tinder is basically “hot or not” plus Facebook Messenger so that matches can meet up and bang…but have you ever thought about how many people have swiped left on you and why.

what could go wrong

Physics Experiment Goes BRUTALLY Wrong When Guy Gets Smashed In The Dick With An Axe (VIDEO)


Learning is so much more fun when the teacher does physical demonstrations that incorporate what you are learning.

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