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This Guy’s BJ Was Going Swell Until He Looked Down And Saw What She Was ACTUALLY Doing

Like something out of a horror movie.

Two Bros Learn Not To Put Their Dick In Crazy Cus Their Cars Got TRASHED By The SAME GIRL A Year Apart

Let this be a lesson to all of you.

Ever Accidentally Showed Your Girlfriend’s Entire Family Your Boner? This Poor Guy On Reddit Has


This Is Why Reddit Is a TERRIBLE Place to Get Legal Advice


U.S. Map Shows Most Hated College Football Team In Each State. Or Does It?

Rigging poll results doesn't make you cool, you guys.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Crashed Dwayne Johnson’s Reddit AMA

Peak Celebrity Winning the Internet Behavior.

Women Are Losing Their Shit Over This Guy’s Mug Shot

The "bad boy" image is a keeper.

Girl Expertly Trolls Creep Trying to Sext Her On Facebook, Uses Only Smash Mouth Lyrics in Her Responses

Hey now, this chick's an all-star.

The Internet’s Craziest Possibilities for What Happened to Malaysia Airline Flight 370 Are Downright Terrifying

The imagination runs wild.

Hilarious Answers to the Question: “If you could insert a single rubber duck into any moment in history, where would you?”

How rubber ducks could change the course of history.

Redditors Summed Up Their First Sexual Experiences with GIFs and the Results Were Hilarious

Everyone remembers their first time. Usually for how awkward or embarrasing it was. Well, the folks over at Reddit shared […]

Bill Gates Posted This Excellent Video After Doing a Reddit AMA

Has anyone had a greater transformation from evil nerd to chill guy you’d love to hang with? Bill Gates just […]

Just How Big Of A Prick Is George Clooney? Matt Damon Explains in His Reddit AMA

Matt Damon took time out of his busy schedule of being the world’s nicest famous dude to sit down for […]

Let’s Name This Baby ‘Megatron’

A Canadian man on Reddit is entrusting strangers to name his unborn daughter. From now until her expected due date on April 2, his site dedicated

Dying Dad Proves a Bro Is a Bro, Even On His Deathbed

Three days ago Redditor Galaga88 posted a moving picture on r/Pics. It's a picture of a hospital dry erase board. Under the "Satisfaction to Me Means:"

Redditor Divulges the Personal Secrets, Sex Habits, and Drug Use of the World’s Top EDM DJs

Uh-oh. An interesting thread popped up on Reddit's Music sub earlier this week. It was an Ask Me Anything titled "I work VERY closely with DJs in

See The Civil War In Stunning Color

Pictures from the Civil War look bleak and dreary. That's possibly because it was a very trying time in our nation's history. It also may have something

8 Highlights from Jon Taffer’s Hilarious Reddit AMA

Our boy Jon Taffer—the man responsible for the greatest reality show on TV—went on Reddit and the results were Taffer-esque. Here are our eight favorite

15 Subreddits That Will Restore Your Faith in the Internet

If you don’t "know" Reddit, think of it this way: Google is where people go to search for things. Reddit is where you go to see the things

Watch a Supremely Creepy Short Film Based off a Reddit Short Story, ‘The Smiling Man’

A little over a year ago, Redditor blue_tidal published a story called "The Smiling Man" to the subreddit No Sleep. It's since become sort of

Strange Things You Learn About Love On Reddit

Love is a hell of a drug. So is Reddit...

Reddit Co-Founder Slams Facebook’s Entire Existence with One Simple Sentence

Real talk: Facebook is annoying. Facebook is obnoxious. Facebook kind of sucks. It's no longer what it once was: Drunk pictures and status updates at

The 20 Worst ‘Meet-The-Parents’ Dating Stories Ever

This Reddit thread on the worst "meet-the-parents" dating stories is the stuff nightmares are made of. Gaylord Focker has nothing on these poor souls. Some of

Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Read YOUR Profanity-Laced Monologue

Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson posted this message on Reddit: "I'm Samuel L Jackson and I'll record a video of me saying any 300 word monologue

Why Do Girls Upload Pictures of Themselves to Reddit’s Infamous r/GoneWild?

The most fascinating thing you'll read on the Internet today about the Internet today is DailyDot's feature-length profile of Reddit's infamous r/GoneWild subreddit. The NSFW subreddit

Watch a Student Completely Rip a Teacher to Shreds for Not Knowing How to Teach

This sort of sentiment has been growing, and it probably is worth a lot more discussion than this. All this talk about the future generations

Redditor Has Bike Stolen, Then Returned with Greatest Apology Note Ever

I can't stop laughing at this letter left by a guy who stole Redditor seenic's bike: It's a well-intentioned attempt at apologizing for drunkenly stealing the

20 Hilarious Answers Redditors Gave to ‘What’s the Strangest Thing Someone Has Done After Sex?’

Last night, while watching the National Championship game Brandon dropped this Reddit thread in our BroBible editorial chat room. Someone asked the rabid Reddit community,

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Apparently a Full-Time Redditor Now

Last night, some Redditor under the name "GovSchwarzenegger" went on R/fitness and posted a video with the caption "This inspired me, and I bet it

10 Things We Learned from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Reddit AMA

Since it's Super Bowl week, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell took to Reddit this afternoon to do an AMA as NFL_Commish. Here's a few things we

Arnold Schwarzenegger Did a Reddit AMA and Killed It

Sorry, sorry, it seems like we're highlighting these a lot around here lately. But this is too good to pass up.

14 Solid Pieces of Advice for College Students, Via a Massive Reddit Thread of College Lifehacks

So this thread on Reddit's r/AskReddit is going crazy viral right now in college circles. If you're heading to college next fall, bookmark it. It offers thousands

This Person on Reddit is the Most Sexually Oblivious Man We’ve Ever Seen

I hadn't planned on posting this Reddit thread, because, well, anyone who works on the Internet reads a lot of Reddit threads every day. And

Awesome Infographic Comically Contrasts ‘What I Pretend to Know’ and ‘What I Actually Know’

Spoiler alert: Most of what we do know is pretty useless. 

How Much Weed Does Snoop Dogg Smoke a Day? 81 Blunts (!), Allegedly

I have no idea if this is physically possible, much less if it's true, but during a still ongoing (and very funny) AMA over on

Trying to Get a Girl to Friend You on Facebook? You Probably Shouldn’t Start Reddit Thread About Her

This "missed connection" popped up on the NYU Sub-Reddit over the weekend. In the middle of a stormy day in New York City, sparks allegedly

Father of the Year Wrote Letter to Son After He Found Porn on His Computer, Suggested Better Sites

And then said father posted the letter on Reddit, because everyone needs positive reinforcement for their actions, especially if it is telling your 13-year-old son

So President Obama Just Did a Reddit AMA, and Here Are the Highlights

To the surprise of, well, everyone, the actual President of the United States participated in an "Ask Me Anything" post on Reddit this afternoon. It

‘The Safe Sex Rap’ Is the Best 3 Minutes You Will Spend Today

This video has been circulating around in YouTube obscurity for about three years. But after a Reddit post with the topic "My coworker Ethan will

Mountain Dew Asks Internet to Name Its Next Drink: Leaders Include ‘Gushing Granny,’ ‘Diabeetus’

It all started so innocently. Mountain Dew had a new flavor of "green apple attitude" Dew that the company was all set to release to