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Backwards Bowler Rolls a 280, Sets Important Record


Matt Prater Booted a 64-Yard Field Goal

Matt Prater set an NFL record by kicking a 64-yard field goal in the Denver Broncos’ win over the Tennessee Titans. That’s damn impressive, even

Here are All Seven of Peyton Manning’s Touchdowns

Peyton Manning tied an NFL record by throwing for seven touchdowns last night in the Denver Broncos’ rout of the Baltimore Ravens. SEVEN! Never has

91-Year-Old Benches a World-Record 187 Pounds

Well, Christ. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for eating a healthy lunch. Then I saw Sy Perlis dominate the bench press like a

Watch Deron Williams Put On One of the Greatest Shooting Displays You’ll Ever See

Deron Williams set an NBA record last night by hitting 9 three-pointers in the second half. He got right down to business, hitting seven of

Adrian Peterson Led the Vikings Into the Playoffs With This Incredibly Clutch Run

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson needed 208 yards yesterday to break Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record. It was a tall order.

Just a Couple Dudes Jumping Into the World’s Biggest Leaf Pile

These dudes are living the dream.

World’s Fattest Woman Losing Weight Thanks to Insane Amount of Sex

Pauline Potter went into the Guinness Book of Records last year at 728 pounds (52st) in an effort to shame herself into dieting. Instead, she

Watch All Four of Josh Hamilton’s Home Runs From Last Night

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton became just the 16th player in Major League history to hit four home runs in a game last night against