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‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Without The Kardashians Is Proof That Bruce Jenner Needs His Own Show

Needs more Lord Disick.

Are You Guys Ready for the AJ McCarron-Katherine Webb Wedding Reality Show?

Very exciting.

Duke Sex Star Belle Knox Is Hosting a Reality Show For People Trying to Get Into Adult Films

Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

You’ll Never Guess How the Snake-Handling Pastor of National Geographic’s ‘Snake Salvation’ Met His Maker This Weekend

The Pentecostal pastor and star of National Geographic’s Snake Salvation, Jamie Coots, passed away this weekend after he was bitten by […]

5 Reality Shows We Need to See In 2014

There’s been a steady rise of reality TV shows in the past few years, and most of them are terrible. Luckily, I’ve created a list

Watch Soulja Boy and the Cast of ‘The Bachelorette’ Star in the Worst Rap Video of All Time

While you watched Heat-Pacers.... This happened. The crazy part is, this is only Soulja Boy's, like, sixth lowest moment.

There’s Now a Reality TV Show About Girls Selling Their Virginity

Virgins Wanted, a documentary film project where a man and a woman auction off the rights to first access of their private parts, is coming

5 Reasons Why ‘Bar Rescue’ Is the Perfect Reality Show

One of the best shows on TV doesn’t look like it should be one of the best shows on TV. It’s a reality show, for

Want to Achieve Undeserved Fame by Bandwagoning on a Hot Trend? Apply for Season 2 of ‘Catfish’

Even before that everyone started discussing the strange personal life of a Notre Dame Football player, MTV's 'Catfish' was making some pretty decent noise in

Want to Go to Mars? A Reality TV Show Wants to Send You There

Something tells me that this may be a perfect opportunity for any adventurous bros out there. A Netherlands-based non-profit organization called Mars One is looking

Oh Boy: It Appears the People Behind ‘Jersey Shore’ are Making an EDM Reality Show

Whether or not the buildup lives up to the hype when this show "drops," it's tough to imagine that this'll be, umm, tame. 

Is ‘Breaking Amish’ the Next ‘Jersey Shore’?

Revoke my man card. On Sunday night, just as Peyton Manning started looking like his old self in the second quarter, I flipped the channel.

Watch This ‘X Factor’ Contestant Deliver a Most Exquisite Burn on Demi Lovato

This video has been making the rounds this weekend, but we'll post for posterity. It's simply one of the greatest burns in TV history—poor Demi

MTV To Make Reality Show on Fake Internet Relationships

"Catfish" was a documentary-style film that explored the complexities of falsified online relationships, showing how easy it is for people on the internet pretend they're

Dolph Lundgren’s New Reality Show Sounds Awesome

It’s no secret that reality television is out of control. There’s way too many shows based on nothing more than manufactured drama and super-lame “challenges.”

‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ Contestant Shows Off Amazing Talent of Painting With Bare Breasts

Uh, this is a thing that happened.   Duangjai Jansaunoi was a contestant on “Thailand’s Got Talent.” Her talent was painting with her body, most namely

Rejoice! The ‘Fear Factor’ Donkey Semen Drinking Stunt Has Hit the Web

Look at these people go. Just GUZZLING donkey j*zz and urine...fearlessly. I don't know why the "Fear Factor" brass didn't add some donkey sh*t to

Believe It or Not This Goth Dude Is America’s Susan Boyle

Andrew De Leon is a huge Marilyn Manson fan (no surprise there) and he isn't particularly "Bro," in any way, but the sound that comes

Guy on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Has No Regard For His Own Nut Sack

His only talent is having his nut bag mutilated over and over and over again. Yep, that's his ENTIRE shtick. And it amazes the sh*t

Dear God, Snooki is Reportedly Pregnant

Snooki is reportedly pregnant with a human child, according to the New York Post. Now, I’m only posting this because people are going to be

Watch a 30-Second Teaser Trailer for ‘Russian Dolls,’ the Brighton Beach ‘Jersey Shore’ Spin-off

We've been hearing murmurs about a "Jersey Shore"-esque knockoff about the Russian population of Brooklyn's Brighton Beach for quite a few years now.

Introducing Busty British Bombshell Billie Faiers

A few weeks ago, when I compiled a list of 40 hot British babes whom Prince William probably could have married, busty reality TV starlet