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New Reality Show Mixes Professional Wrestling And Stone Cold…Dead People?


Man, would I love to have been in on this pitch meeting to networks.

reality tv

This Porn Star Is Going On A ‘Sex-Tour’ Where You Can Win The Chance To Have Sex With Her In The Back Of A Truck

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Having sex in the back of a truck is basically a teenager’s rite of passage, along with having sex on the living room couch before your parents get home from work and the couch in your basement while you’re “watching” a movie.

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Hulk Hogan’s Nephew Is On A Worldwide Search For A Woman To Bang His Girlfriend


King David Bollea is the ruler of an imaginary land known as Not Earth.

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You’ll Never Guess How the Snake-Handling Pastor of National Geographic’s ‘Snake Salvation’ Met His Maker This Weekend


The Pentecostal pastor and star of National Geographic's Snake Salvation, Jamie Coots, passed away this weekend after he was bitten by one of his no-shouldered friends.

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