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How to Seem Confident in Any Situation

Sooner or later we all fall victim. That gnawing self-doubt in the back of our minds feeds on anxiety.

5 Things That Will Inevitably Happen In the Postgrad Dating World

Things are about to change, Bro.

Is Farting in the Workplace Acceptable? — The Results of This Survey Might Surprise You

In the real world people pretend to act like adults. They wear drab clothes, eat salad, and schedule their sex lives.

10 Ways Lazy Bros Can Get Paid More for Doing Less

The key to making the most money, while putting in the least amount of effort, is getting into a business, or an industry, where the product

10 Important Lessons You Learn After College

The fantasy joy ride that is college comes to a suddenly bleak halt minutes after you snatch your diploma and walk off the graduation stage.

The 5 Chicks You’ll Hook Up With After College

Smell that? That’s the smell of all the chicks you’re going to be pulling this semester. They smell like flowers, and springtime, and hope, and

The Creeping Reality of Having to Move Out of Your College House

You’ve been dreading this day, but you knew it would eventually come. Don’t worry, gas is still under five dollars a

How to Avoid Those Useless Work Meetings Once and for All

It’s a bland, heavy-sighing Thursday morning in the office. This isn’t a weekday in college, nor is this a drought-riddled country

How to Look Busy At Work, Without Actually Being Productive

Working blows, Bros. Most people who live the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle know this. What they also know is eighty percent of their day is spent