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Cristiano Ronaldo is the Type of Person Who Stands on His Tippy Toes to Look Taller in Photos

Anything to get ahead.

Cristiano Ronaldo Scored a Goal, Then Did This


Cristiano Ronaldo Scored a Goal That the Uptight People from the “Footloose” Town Would Hate

Watch his feet.

A Bro Filmed Himself Running Onto the Pitch During a Real Madrid Match

Real Madrid played another match on American soil yesterday so that means some jabronie ran onto the pitch without any security people intervening for way

A Fan Ran Onto the Pitch, Hugged Cristiano Ronaldo For a Good 15 Seconds

Chelsea and Real Madrid squared off in Miami last night to treat Americans to top flight soccer. Security was just abysmal.

Real Madrid Eliminates Manchester United: The Goals and Controversial Call Everyone’s Talking About

Real Madrid scored two second half goals to eliminate Manchester United from the Champions League this afternoon at Old Trafford. To the highlights …

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores From the Cheap Seats With Amazing Strike

Cristiano Ronaldo is salty that Lionel Messi yet again snatched the Ballon d’Or from him. Perhaps if he scores goals of this quality each and

Real Madrid’s Mesut Ozil Scored a Beautiful Free-Kick Goal

Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil curled in a dramatic free kick to salvage a 2-2 draw against Borussia Dortmund yesterday in Champions League action. It

Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi Score World-Class Goals Within Minutes of Each Other

Real Madrid bested a 10-man Barcelona yesterday, 2-1, to win the Spanish Super Cup on goal aggregate. That was sort of a boring sentence. Let

Bayern Munich and Real Madrid Went to Penalties, Then This Happened

A day after Chelsea came from behind to bounce Barcelona from the Champions League, Bayern Munich broke the hearts of the other Spanish

Fan Fight Features Vicious Right Hook During Real Madrid-Barcelona Match

The hype for Saturday's epic matchup between Barcelona and Real Madrid lived up to its name, "El Clasico." 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Free Kick Goal Was Like a ‘Wet Dream’ for Ray Hudson

Two of the most dynamic personalities in sports, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ray Hudson were in top form during Real Madrid’s 4-1 win over

Real Madrid’s Pepe Embarrasses Himself, Teammate, Soccer

Real Madrid’s Pepe has a bit of a reputation as a theatrical player. What I mean is, he flops and writhes like it’s

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Rocket Goal, Shows Off His Gun

Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t let acting get in the way of his on-field play. He netted a rocket from 30-plus yards

Watch Lionel Messi’s Perfect Free-Kick Goal

Barcelona and Real Madrid are mortal enemies, so it’s only natural that Lionel Messi tried to one-up Cristiano Ronaldo in the amazing-goal department

Watch Lionel Messi Score Two Goals, Including the Game-Winner, In Barca’s 3-2 Win Over Real Madrid

Twitter's been blowing up all afternoon with commentary on today's Real Madrid-Barcelona match, and for good reason: Lionel Messi had two great goals, including a

Real Madrid Beat Up 109 Chinese Children

I know I could take on 22 five-year-olds in a fight, but I never thought about how many kids I could play soccer