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Someone Paid $102 Million In CASH for a 50,000-Square-Foot Mansion in Los Angeles

Cash is king, bitches. The 50,000-square-foot "Fleur de Lys" estate has 12 bedrooms on 5 acres of land.

Anyone Want to Buy Scottie Pippen’s $11.8 Million Mansion?

Pros: There’s a basketball court in the backyard, it’s on the water, and there’s a pretty sweet pool. Cons: The [...]

‘Top 10 Cities White People Like,’ Ranked By Patagonias, Marijuana Use, Sushi Restaurants, and Microbrews

Whether they realize it or not, white people are obsessed with some pretty crazy shit: Patagonias, farmers markets, sushi, “indie” [...]

Rick Ross Buys Evander Holyfield’s 109-Room Mansion in Georgia

Like a boss. Guess how much the electricty bill is at this pad? $17,000 a month. Yes.... $17,000 A MONTH. 

Anyone Want to Buy Eddie Murphy’s $12 Million House?

...Because it's for sale. 

25 Pics of Chuck Norris’ House, Which You Can Now Buy for $1.2 Million

No joke, the gym is filled with Chuck Norris movie posters. I guess he likes to look at himself while working out? No shame in

Take an Awesome Virtual Tour of Michael Jordan’s $29 Million Chicago Mansion

Here at BroBible, we've posted features about Michael Jordan's $29 million Highland Park mansion a couple of times. The 56,000-square-foot, 9-bedroom, 19-bathroom property

Tom Brady Bought a $14 Million Apartment In NYC, Because Who Actually Wants to Live In Boston?

Tom Brady's real estate portfolio is certainly getting impressive.... 

Who Wants to Buy Michael Jordan’s House in Chicago?

Now is as good of a time as ever, because it's up for auction.... 

75 of the Sickest Bachelor Pads In the World

Can a blogger afford these sick bachelor pads? One can dream...

This $70 Million Vegas Bachelor Pad Is FREAKING SICK

It's known as Casa de Shenandoah and the forme estate of Wayne Newton. Uh... It's SICK too... 

Inside John Wall’s New, Sick $4.9 Million Crib with 12 Bathrooms, an Indoor Hoops Court, and a Gym

Back in July, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall agreed to a five-year, $80 million extension. So what did he spend a little bit of that

PIcs of Kobe Bryant’s $8.6 Million House, With a Shark Tank

Of course it has a shark tank. Of course.... 

Buy Ray Lewis’ Maryland House for $1.1 Million

Looking to buy a home in lovely Owings Mills, Maryland? This one is a killer deal...

Rory McIlroy’s Florida House Looks Awesome, If You’re Into Awesome Things

Who doesn't like some real estate porn? Heck, I know I do. Here's a look into Rory McIlroy's house in Jupiter FL, which, to my

Want to Be Justin Bieber’s Neighbor? Buy Keyshawn Johnson’s $8.495 Million California House?

Maybe you can tell Biebs a thing or two about reckless driving....

The Ultimate Guy Wish List

Renting the Scarface mansion should be on every dude's bucket list. 

Gilbert Arenas $3.5 Million House Is For Sale and It Has Shark Tanks

Of course it does. What's an evil lair without a shark tank?

What Women Think About Your Apartment — and How It’ll Impact Whether She Spends the Night

You saw the cute girl from across the bar. She bought your best pick-up line and you bought her a drink. You invited her back

Ever Wonder What the Inside of a $190 Million Mansion Looks Like?

Don't lie, you know you're curious about what the inside of a $190 million estate looks like. Sprawled across 50-acres, Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut is

Avery Johnson’s $9 Million Crib Is Freakin’ Paradise

Avery Johnson is selling his Texas house. Although, it's a tad misleading to call the structure sitting atop the 73,675-square-foot lot simply a "house."

Bro Architect Builds a House Around His Ferrari 512 BBi

As they say, if you've got it, flaunt it. That's the mantra California architect Holger Schubert adapted for the living room of his house, which features

You Might Be a Redneck If You Live in One of These 10 Cities

The good people at real estate blog Motovo decided to find out which cities are home to the most rednecks. They defined redneck

Nick Saban’s $11 Million House Is For Sale and It’s BEAUTIFUL

Nick Saban's BEAUTIFUL $11 million lakefront house on a private peninsula is for sale and OMG OMG OMG OMG I WANT IT. 

How Much Is Tony Stark’s Fictitious House from ‘Iron Man’ Worth?

Ever wonder about where a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist calls home? And how much it'd be worth in real U.S. dollars? Truth: Tony Stark's house

The 7 Most WTF Houses People Actually Live In

Can you live in a house with foreskin?

10 Photos of the Most Expensive Bachelor Pad In the World, a $380 Million Penthouse In Monaco

Tony Stark lives here.

As the Internet tends to do, many websites have been losing it the last few days over pics of a multistory penthouse in

DeSean Jackson’s New L.A. Crib Looks Pretty Nice

D-Jax has a new crib. It's not in Philly, either... 

Ray Lewis Is Selling His $5 Million Florida Mansion

Ray Lewis is ready to say goodbye to South Florida to make a move to the Mothership in Bristol, Conn. 

4 Homes Masquerading As Strip Clubs And Nightclubs

For homebodies that hate to leave the house, but still want to hit the club, here are four houses for sale that ensure the party

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Live in a Sick Mansion With a Moat

If I were married to Gisele Bundchen, I’d want to live in a tiny studio apartment so I’d always be close to her. Wait, is

John Smoltz’s Million Dollar Backyard Sports Complex Will Make You Drool

Former Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz lives in Milton, Georgia. The former Cy Young winner was recently featured on an episode of HGTV's "Million Dollar

Wayne Gretzky Designed This Mansion, Hopes You Buy It

Wayne Gretzky has a little Frank Lloyd Wright in him. Who knew?

How Crazy Would It Be to Drop a Deuce In This Bathroom With a 15-Story View?

Can you imagine taking a dump on this toliet over an unused 15-story elevator shaft? Serious vertigo-inducing, probably to the point of having to puke

Check Out Pat Riley’s Ballin’ Miami Mansion That He Just Sold for $16.75M

Woah. Pat Riley, president of the Miami Heat, apparently knows how to BALL. This was his five-bedroom waterfront home on a peninsula in in

Michael Jordan’s House in Suburban Chicago Would be a Good Way to Spend $29M

Michael Jordan’s house in the Chicago suburbs is up for sale. A cool $29 million gets you the keys to the former

49 Pics of Dennis Quaid’s Getaway Ranch In Montana, Which You Can Buy for $14,000,000

Usually when we feature property adult entertainment around here, it's a lush penthouse or dream beach house ready-built for partying. Let's change that today

For $14.5 Million, You Can Buy Alonzo Mourning’s Coral Gables House

In the mood for a pretty piece of Miami real estate, complete with 13,000 square feet, 8 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and Biscayne Bay views?

18 Photos of Mark Wahlberg’s Ridiculously Awesome $14 Million Dollar Beverly Hills House

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mark Wahlberg is currently building a 33,000-square-foot house in Beverly Park. That means the actor's current

Check Out A-Rods New, $24 Million Miami Mansion

Buried in the headlines of football and football and more football last week, we missed this gossip page item about A-Rod's new, very