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Janay Rice Says Ray Rice Is The ‘Best Husband In The World’


Looks like all is right in the topsy-turvy world of Janay and Ray Rice (except for him having yet to find a job as a professional running back).

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Janay Rice Refuses To Watch Video Of The Elevator Incident


Janay Rice broke her six-month silence in an interview with the Today Show's Matt Lauer.


Why 2014 Is Shaping Up To Be Most Offensive Halloween Of All Time


Reddit Ooowee, this is going to be a fucked up Halloween.

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Worst Human Being Ever Dresses Up As ‘Domestic Violence Ray Rice’ For Halloween

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Halloween has this wonderful way of bringing out the worst in people like no other holiday.

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10 Impact Free Agents NFL Teams Won’t Even Consider Signing

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There are players who break their bones too often and players who break the law too often.


ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons For Three Weeks For His REAL TALK About Firing Roger Goodell


Important update to my post yesterday about Bill Simmons putting NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on blast on his podcast.

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REPORT: Ray Rice To Appeal Suspension, Claiming That Video Was Edited


Ray Rice will appeal his indefinite suspension by arguing that the video released by TMZ was edited and didn't show the entire story.

Ray Rice

Ray Lewis On Ravens “Some Things You Can Cover Up, Some Things You Can’t”


Ray Lewis was on Sunday NFL Countdown to talk about the Outside The Lines report which implicates the Ravens organization in a cover-up in the Ray Rice situation.

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