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This Guy’s NFL Impressions Are Spot-On

Dr. Steve Love here can impersonate just about any NFL player, coach, broadcaster or personality. 

Ray Lewis Gave a Pump Up Speech to USC, Proving He’s the Master of Talking Without Anything to Say

I'm sorry, guys, but these Ray Lewis pump up speeches are bullshit. Last night, during halftime of that horribly boring Monday Night Football game, I couldn't

Joe Flacco Admits He Didn’t Know What the Hell Ray Lewis Was Saying in His Speeches

ESPN recently did a profile on one of the least interesting players in the NFL, Joe Flacco. Since I am a part of the TL;DR;DC

Buy Ray Lewis’ Maryland House for $1.1 Million

Looking to buy a home in lovely Owings Mills, Maryland? This one is a killer deal...

Bill Walton Made Ray Lewis and Bill Simmons Jokes Last Night, Because Bill Walton DON’T CARE

The big news in Bristol this week was the Mothership's decision to suspend Bill Simmons from Twitter after he (correctly) called "First Take" out on its

Ray Lewis Is Selling His $5 Million Florida Mansion

Ray Lewis is ready to say goodbye to South Florida to make a move to the Mothership in Bristol, Conn. 

Zombie Apocalypse Dream Team: Athletes Edition

Imagine waking up to a world that is dead silent. Nothing is moving. Everything you took for granted is gone. No family. No friends. Just

Ray Lewis and Michael Phelps Celebrate After the Super Bowl, Baltimore Has Proudest Moment Ever

Michael Phelps is a lot more like us than we thought. Case in point: He seemed to care much, much more about his beloved Baltimore

The Super Bowl Pick, Plus 12 Prop Bets to Help You Enjoy the Game

The two-week-long lead-up to Super Bowl Sunday is usually a little rough. There always seems to be one story line that's beat to death because

20 Videos of Ray Lewis Absolutely Losing His Mind

Sick of Ray Lewis yet?

Why Would God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl?

This week’s Sports Illustrated asks that question in bold lettering positioned above a shirtless Ray Lewis emerging from water. It’s an incredibly easy question for

Ray Lewis Denies Deer-Antler Extract Allegations, Which Is Apparently a Real Thing

Just a few days before the Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is at the center of a banned-substance controversy. Earlier today Sports Illustrated

SNL Recap: Adam Levine Hosts as SNL Makes Fun of Ray Lewis, Catfish TV Show, and Thailand Sex Trips

Poor Jennifer Lawrence: First she hosts a massive dud of an SNL episode, now she has pneumonia. However, the show managed to bounce back in

7 Lessons the Baltimore Ravens Can Teach You About Overcoming Adversity

The following is by Ben Hebert, a rabid Balitmore Ravens fan and the founder of WhiteRaverRafting.com. Republished from his site with permission. If a San Francisco

7 Exciting New Careers for Ray Lewis to Explore After the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl will be the final dance for Ray Lewis. The Baltimore Ravens linebacker and future Hall of Famer announced his intention to hang

And Now, a Special Message from Wes Welker’s Wife About Ray Lewis

Uh-oh! Football WAG smacktalk. After losing to the Ravens, Wes Welker’s wife, Anna Burns Welker, posted a little reminder about Ray Lewis on Facebook. Burrnnn.

Ray Lewis Has a Job Waiting for Him at ESPN

Well, that didn't take long.

Ray Lewis Will Retire at End of Season

All good things must come to an end.

Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis Tore His Triceps, Will Miss Rest of Season

An MRI today confirmed Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis suffered a torn triceps and will miss the rest of the season.

Watching Ray Lewis’ ‘E:60’ is a Fine Way to Spend the Next 14 Minutes

Like many words that we often overuse and mislabel -- epic, hilarious, insane -- intense is another we usually assign recklessly ("Yo,Bro, I just took

Ray Lewis Gave a Very ‘Ray Lewis’ Eulogy at Art Modell’s Funeral

Ravens fan or not, you can't deny that Ray is all class.

Sports Links for August 21st: The Ray Lewis Edition

Now there's a guy who could give a helluva speech. Plus, your daily dose of sports links: 

Paul Rudd Makes Ray Lewis Very Angry in Hilarious ‘Black and Yellow’ Madden Commercial

Madden has had its fair share of solid commercial campaigns, but the one for upcoming Madden 13 release may be the franchise's finest work yet. 

This New Ray Lewis Speech Will Make You Want to Run Through a Brick Wall

Just throwing the idea out there to see if it'll stick—make Ray Lewis a general in the U.S. Army?

Ray Lewis Gives a Motivational Speech to the Loyola Greyhounds Men’s Lacrosse Team

Another chill-inducing locker room speech from Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. On Tuesday, Lewis addressed the Loyola Men's Lacrosse team before practice. Lewis' magic

Ravens Fan Gets Knocked Out at a Pre-Season Game

New football seasons bring us many things, but the biggest treasure, perhaps, is a fresh batch of fight videos. Bros just getting fueled-up

Our Bros of the Week Do Things Their Way

What a week this was: The bust of grotesque hookers, 4/20, Earth Day, and even Snoop Dog got into the action by smoking out of a

Ray Lewis’ Motivational Speech to the Elon Football Team

This video has been blowing around the Interwebs today like a Kuwaiti sandstorm and it's about time we shared it. Last week Baltimore Ravens linebacker

VIDEO: Ray Lewis’s Big Hit, Plus Charles and McCluster’s MNF TDs

Miss any of the Monday Night Football action? In New York, it was a battle of defenses... and terrible offenses. Ray Lewis & Co. one-upped