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This Sriracha EDM Festival Sounds Like My Nightmare

WOW – two shitty fan bases have joined up for one awful festival! The Electronic Sriracha Festival will take place Labor […]

Have You Ever Wanted To Both Rave In Public AND Piss Off Everyone Around You? Watch This Guy Kill It At Both

I hate Darude's "Sandstorm."

Kid Loses His Finger at a Rave, Zero Fucks Given So He Keeps Going

Molly is one hell of a drug.

This Video Shows How Stupid EDM Raves Turn Full-Grown Adults Into Toddlers

Raves are apparently the cool thing to do these days if you're a college students. But are they? This video of someone allegedly "enjoying an electronic

I Can’t Decide If This Guy Who Threw a Rave on the Manhattan Bridge Is a Bro or a Douche

What were you doing on Saturday night? Hopefully you were partying like Stefon by YOLOing on the Manhattan Bridge to an impromtu rave on the

Aviici Gets SH*T On by The Trance Family

There are few people on the planet who have garnered so much hate from such a successful piece of music like Avicii has for his

My Life Will Not Be Complete Until I Own a Pair of ‘Rave Shades’ LED Glasses, Now on Kickstarter

What am I even doing with my life? Genius inventor Bro Frederick Thomas Ford created a nifty pair of completely-customizable party glasses with a built-in 160

This Dad Raving at Coachella Is Proof Bros Come in All Ages

A couple of hours ago, we posted a highly stylized and edited video from the Electric Daisy Carnival. This video featured extremely hot girls raving to

Watch Kap Slap Rage at JMU’s Sigma Chi ‘Basement Rave’

This past weekend the Sigma Chis at James Madison University hosted a rager with Kap Slap. The result is this dopesauce recap video. Go big or

Taylor Swift’s Music Video For ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ Has a Rave Scene, You Guys

Albeit a very, very short one. What else did you think would match that womp womp womp dubby flub flub flub beat? Here's what happens: She goes

Ranking the Ten Funniest People from This 1997 Video of an Ecstasy-Fueled Rave

So, so many funny things going on in this 1997 video from a rave in Europe—a combination of bad '90's fashion, terrible dancing, and drugs.

6 Arrested and 44 Taken to Hospital for Drugs and Alcohol Abuse During Lehigh University Rave Party

Things got raucous at Lehigh University's Rauch Field House this past weekend. Their DayGlo event left forty-four people hospitalized! Can you imagine the look on