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Bizarre Rapping Grandpa Wants LeBron James Back in Cleveland, Is Quite Something to Look At

Hey LeBron ...

This UC Berkeley Bro Wrote A Rap About Fucking College Chicks

UC Berkeley banger right here -- both the song and the guy singing it, AMIRIGHT?

‘Girls with the Dirty Souths’: The Best Music Video You’ll Watch Today About Au Naturale Bush

This spoof rap video about chicks with au naturale bush is what’s up.  Ladies, going bald is cool when your single […]

Bro Does the Ultimate Racial Stereotype Rap, Featuring 12 Different Culturally Insensitive Accents

This is probably going to make the PC police and people who can't take jokes mad, but that's because it's extremely funny. 

Lil Dicky’s New Rap, ‘Scary Story,’ Highlights Every Bro’s Worst Nightmare

It's about being with a girl and having to take a shit. And while this is a topic that Seinfeld has previously covered in Jewish

A Jubilant Barack Obama Raps MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’

Americans took to the polls in droves yesterday and sent a resounding message: They want to see four more years of Barack Obama singing popular

The ‘Plaid Rap’ Is the Best YouTube Tribute to Plaid You’ll Ever Watch

Maybe it's just because my wardrobe these days seems to consist of 70% plaid shirts or because I'm rocking a super comfortable Pendleton