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Watch a 19-Year-Old Kanye West Kill It Freestyling

Because his life is dope.

Brian Williams Raps ‘Baby Got Back’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

Little in the middle but she got much back.

This Rapping Army Staff Sergeant Wins the Internet Today

This rapping staff sergeant is such an OG Bro King. Dude is just sitting down, dropping mad bars about how […]

Kanye West Rapping On Beyoncé’s ‘Drunk in Love’ Is Dope as Fuck

Of course it is. It’ fucking Kanye. Listen. [Via BuzzFeed; Carl Bjorklund / Shutterstock.com]

The Most Important Rapper For Every Major City

Hot take from Buzzfeed by trying to rank the most important rappers in each major US city. When it comes to Brooklyn, you'll never believe

Canadian College Bro Performed a Periodic Table Of Elements Rap In Front of His Chem Class, Kills It

CHEM 101 at Carleton University in Ottawa looks about as fun as CHEM 101 can get. 

Bucknell Frat Bros Make Awesomely Bad ‘Throw Your Sig Ep Nuts in the Air’ Rap Song

This amazing story about a bunch of Bucknell Sig Eps just came over the BroBible tip line. A couple years ago a bunch of Sig Eps at Bucknell

People Are Already Calling Eminem’s New Song ‘Rap God’ the Best Rap Song Ever

Kanye and Hov, take a seat. Yesterday Eminem shocked the world with "Rap God" and it's already being discussed as one of the greatest rap songs of

Teen Rapper, Adequate Advocate, Raps About a Standoff With Cops During a Standoff with Cops

Adequate Advocate, which is kind of a misleading name since he sucks dick at rapping, recorded a rap video about being surrounded by the police

The Rapping Weatherman, Nick Kosir, Is Back Dropping Lyrical Heat

Rapping weatherman, Nick Kosir just went all Jean Claude Van Damme and Double Impacted our asses with his latest on-air rap. Because if Double Impact

Babe Raps to Eminem in Decidedly Not-Boring Maid of Honor Speech

If you’re like the rest of us, you pay minimal attention to maid of honor toasts and only because you want to toast champagne. Well,

University of South Carolina Bro Has Another SICK Rap Freestyle

Last week I introduced you to Nate Schultz, a rapper/college kid out of Atlanta who's now repping his Gamecock pride at the University of South Carolina.

Bro at the University of South Carolina Has the Sickest YouTube Freestyle You’ll Watch Today

Damn... World, meet Nate Schultz, a rapper/college kid out of Atlanta who's now repping his Gamecock pride at the University of South Carolina. While sitting

Bro Does the Ultimate Racial Stereotype Rap, Featuring 12 Different Culturally Insensitive Accents

This is probably going to make the PC police and people who can't take jokes mad, but that's because it's extremely funny. 

Shaq Disses Dwight Howard in a Rap So Bad It Makes You Wonder If Shaq’s Ever Heard Himself Rap

This is a fine example of why rich people shouldn't surround themselves with a bunch of "yes" men. Just look at his two lackeys on

Chapman University Wins an Award for the Most Embarassing College Rap Ever

Man, I can't believe people are still making these. Orange, California's Chapman University throws its hat in the ring of embarrassing college rap videos -- a YouTube fad

How to Order McDonalds Like a Boss

It's debatable whether this falls under "like a boss" categorizations or "like a douche" categorization. Regardless, Australian rapper Bilal B starts flowing like a faucet around

Watch This Hot White Girl Rap Really Fast

According to her Facebook fan page, Bailee Moore's "an American female Hip-Hop artist that is known for her fast style of rapping. The